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Cloud App Team (, 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

We are a team of experienced and knowledgeable digital engineers that develop innovative solutions to complex business problems.

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We seek an experienced full-stack DevOps engineer to join our Mobile delivery platform team and lead our CD pipeline and Dashboard team.
The mission is to automate everything mundane or difficult and work across teams to create an exceptional developer experience for our client mobile-development teams.
You will not necessarily need deep experience of app stores and the mobile ecosystem, though an ability and desire to learn is a must and existing experience is a definite bonus.
You will be responsible for the overall technical design and service offering of our platform automations and our developer/operations dashboard product with a team of mobile stack developers and Laravel-AWS developers. Key features of the platform in your remit include:
  • CD pipeline, integrating code from GitHub, GitHub Actions, Test scripts and deployment via Fastlane to the Apple and Play stores.
  • Custom and 3rd party security and compliance checks during builds
  • Integration of APIs and SDKs (e.g Adobe Analytics, Firebase, Logging, Monitoring, etc)
  • Creation of a great dashboard experience for app development teams and operations teams exposing
  • Access to asset information and metadata
  • Access/integrations to support ticketing systems
  • Ability to access build logs/metadata and other useful CD information
  • Ability to trigger production pushes to app store review
  • Other abilities, as prioritised on a product roadmap by our users and stakeholders
Core Capabilities
  • Experience developing and testing with Javascript front end frameworks (e.g. Angular). Ionic, Capacitor and hybrid app development & automated testing practices preferred
  • Experience with DevOps practices and a love for driving efficiencies & solving problems
  • Experience with Python or PHP plus Bash and automating CI/CD stacks
  • Able to think about how to scale, automate and operate for the future, not just how to build a solution to an immediate problem
  • Enjoys coaching and growing others as much as growing yourself
  • Motivated, able to appropriately drive solutions solo but knows when to ask for help or check in
  • Enjoys the mobile space + problem solving the “thick application” problems associated with mobile
  • Experience with different flavours of agile and a pragmatic approach to working with them all. Experience with remote working teams and how to overcome challenges to help a remote team thrive

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