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Are You Passionate About Remote Work and Helping Others Succeed in their Remote Career? 

We are always looking for writers to contribute to our blog and solidify their reputation as a Coach, HR Professional, Consultant, or Recruiter embracing the remote work movement.

We also love inspirational personal stories about working remotely from existing remote workers.

BUT ... we do get a lot of emails from people wanting to pitch an article for Remote Work Hub's blog. We're flattered, however, we have fairly high standards and not everything is suited to our audience.  

So here's a run down of exactly what we like and don't like, and how to go about pitching an article that gets published.

Here's What We Like ...

  • We like strong, well-written pieces that match our voice and style: professional, smart, fresh and conversational.
  • We like advice from subject matter experts in fields related to career and job search topics specific to remote workers.
  • We like articles with actionable tips. 
  • We like inspirational true stories about your remote working journey and experiences.
  • We like expert-backed articles on remote work trends.

Here's What We Don't Like ...

  • We don't like guest bloggers who are only interested in link building for another brand or company.
  • We don't like articles that have been published elsewhere.
  • We don't like articles that are too formal or heavy on theory. 

Note: All external links in the body of guest posts are set to “nofollow” links.

You can include a short bio with your post, along with your headshot and one 'dofollow' link to your website or social media profile of your choice. If you become a regular contributor to our blog, we'll also create an Author page for you on our site, so readers can click through and find out more about what you do.

How To Pitch Your Article

Please follow these Guidelines

Email hello @ with the subject line: 
ARTICLE PITCH: [possible title]

Please include the following information:

  • A bit about you: Tell us about yourself, your background and why you’re the right fit for our blog audience.
  • Your article idea: Tell us the title, provide a sample introduction and outline how you would approach the rest of the piece, including any experts or sources you would include. You don't need to send a complete article at this stage.
  • Links: Send us 2 or 3 examples of articles you've written previously. 
  • Your LinkedIn Profile: The wide world web is a funny place. We like to take a look at your LinkedIn profile to make sure you are who you say you are.


We have the right to edit and make suggestions to your article before publishing. We also have the right to determine when an article will be scheduled for publishing on our blog.  

Once we receive your pitch, we’ll be in touch within 5 working days if we're interested in your article.  However, because we get a lot of emails be sure to follow the guidelines above, otherwise you may not hear back from us 😉