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    Could These Remote Jobs Provide Better Work-Life Balance for Academics?

    In 2017, Times Higher Education conducted a global survey of university staff to get their views on work-life balance. Not surprisingly, the survey revealed that the demanding workloads of our academics was leaving them stressed out and with very little time for family or activities outside of work.

    And sadly, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

    In fact, according to the report “the workloads of people who work at universities appear to be on the rise” and many consider leaving the higher education sector as a result. This is a real shame.

    But there is a way to enjoy better work-life balance if you’re a professional wanting to stay in the academic sector. With the booming e-learning industry and more and more courses and education programs being conducted completely online, there are opportunities for academics to work remotely.

    However, working remotely from home doesn’t always equate to a reduced workload – after all, regardless of your location the work still needs to get done, right? But a remote job can at least provide a more conducive environment for deep thought and research – something many academic jobs require – and in many cases, a more flexible work schedule.

    Could These Remote Jobs Provide Better Work-Life Balance for Academics_

    As mentioned in the Times Higher Education report, one professor at a UK university commented that “During the week I am constantly required to attend meetings and deal with issues that are only peripherally related to my roles.”  It’s a common problem.

    So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or an academic) to realize that working from home can improve productivity – and getting more done in less time means you have more time for the important stuff, like spending time with loved ones… or binge-watching Netflix. Whatever it is you like to do in your spare time. And of course, you drop the commute as well, so that’s time you can better spend doing other things as well.

    On our job board right now, we have several great remote jobs for academics including roles posted just last week from our new employer partner, is a remote-friendly company who prides itself on building a “culture-first organization” without the red tape. They do this by being small, agile and flexible, and yet big enough to get stuff done in a highly efficient manner.

    It’s also a fun and exciting place to work – you can read reviews on Glassdoor from some of their happy employees. are always looking for exceptional, passionate people to join their team. And right now, they’re hiring for the following remote positions – and you can work from anywhere in the world!

    So be sure to check them out if you’re an academic looking for that elusive work-life balance.

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    2 responses to “Could These Remote Jobs Provide Better Work-Life Balance for Academics?”

    1. Chanell Alexander says:

      This is something my husband struggled with. He has a job outside of the home, and he ran into a lot of trouble trying to juggle school and work due to scheduling and long hours. He is not an academic, but I think this idea would work well for anyone needing to get through school but still make a living.

    2. RWH says:

      We agree Chanell 🙂 Creating better work-life balance is so important.

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