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    Could You Benefit From a Coworking Space? [PLUS Premium Member Perk]

    The coworking phenomenon has sparked a whole new industry and spaces are not just for startups, small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs – they’re great for remote workers too!

    As the mobile workforce grows, more and more coworking spaces are popping up in hip cities and even regional areas all across the globe. There is no doubt the coworking industry is booming right now!

    And while many coworking spots were setup to serve the needs of startups and solo-entrepreneurs looking for alternatives to the high rental cost of office space, they’re increasingly being used by those of us working in a remote job.

    Here are a few ways you can benefit from a coworking space as a remote worker:

    When you need reliable Internet while traveling

    If you’re a digital nomad always on the go, you’ll undoubtedly run into trouble trying to find a reliable Internet connection. You might be tempted to save money on accommodation but if often means putting up with a less than desirable WiFi speed. This is when a coworking space comes to the rescue. Not only do they have good Internet, they’re a great place to meet and hang out with other digital nomads. Sharing ideas, collaborating on work, and getting tips on travel destinations can be an added bonus.

    When you just want a change of scenery from your home office

    Working from home is great but one of the most common pitfalls is feeling isolated and lonely. And when you work remotely, networking is something we often miss out on. Working from a coworking space occasionally might be just what you need to meet other like-minded people and socialize.

    When you need a quiet space for that all important call

    Maybe your home environment isn’t conducive to conducting a remote job interview or important online meeting with your boss. It can certainly be challenging when you’re a parent with young children at home. Remember this BBC interview that went viral last year? Mmm. Funny now, but not at the time. Consider a coworking spot where you can rent a private room by the hour when you really need to look professional … and not have any interruptions.

    When you’re feeling unmotivated with work

    The reason why the majority of us work remotely is to escape the rat race and get away from the stuffiness of a corporate office. But working from home does have its challenges and motivation is a big one. Being surrounded by other hard-working individuals in a coworking space might help to keep you motivated and on task. Find a space that has members who can positively impact your productivity – you may need to check-out a few different spots to find one that’s the right fit for you.

    When your employer pays for it!

    If you’re lucky enough to have the cost subsidized by your employer, then you may as well take advantage! We’re certainly starting to see this become more common with remote-friendly employers who have distributed teams. It’s a great perk that helps to attract top remote talent.

    So how do you find the best coworking spaces?

    A quick Google search will throw up plenty of websites for coworking spaces. But one site that has a great model for accessing spaces around the globe is Copass.

    Copass is something unique. With Copass you can access a large network of coworking spaces with one Pass! Your monthly membership lets you work from all the best work spaces in your city or around the planet.

    Right now, their membership gives you access to over 750 different coworking spots and that number continues to grow.

    Copass offer 3 day passes, 10 day passes or unlimited days. And you’re not tied to using just one coworking spot – you can use your pass at any of their networked locations.


    Remote Work Hub has partnered with Copass to offer our Premium Members 10% off their first month’s subscription. So not only do you save money, it’s a great way to offset your membership fees on our platform.

    Click here to learn more or become a Premium Member now to take advantage.

    We are constantly partnering with new businesses whose products or services support working remotely and leading a location independent lifestyle.

    What’s your favorite product or service for working remotely? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll try to negotiate a deal.

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