Nomad Planet

Fun & productive travel programs for remote workers

Join a community of professionals working remotely while experiencing the world.

We help our community members – freelancers and entrepreneurs who work with clients online, remote employees and those engaged in an independent personal project – travel the world, enjoy life abroad and develop themselves by meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

Nomad Planet are not your traditional travel company. Most of their programs last from one month to a full year, and accommodation is generally in local apartments, not in hotels. They have carefully curated a set of beautiful cities with vibrant cultures from around the world allowing their community members to live like locals in cities for at least a month at a time, not for a short trip as a tourist.

On any of the trips you can expect solid WiFi, access to places related to work, support of a local staff member and they bring the community back together once or twice a week for group activities. Nomad Planet conduct 1.5 week-long trips, one month in one city programs, seasonal programs on three different continents, and a year long program, covering Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

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