Discover Your Super Skills

Learn how to identify and communicate your strengths to advance your career

Do you know what your personality type is and how it influences your career prospects?

Society is obsessed with self-improvement, and the author of this course has a different philosophy when it comes to improving ourselves to become better at what we do.

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with us (our weaknesses) and trying to improve in those areas, she believes we should focus on what’s right in order to advance one’s career; by identifying our strengths, honing them, and then presenting them to employers.

In this course, respected entrepreneur, consultant, author and teacher Beate Chelette utilizes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to work out your personality type and identify the natural qualities that make you good at what you do.

You’ll determine what your ‘super skills’ are and create your Professional Value Proposition to help you talk about your skills with confidence and communicate the value you bring to an organization.