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    Archived: Interview: Helene Schmit on Remote Work Mindset

    Having the right mindset towards Remote Work can make the world of difference.

    Deb (our founder) recently had the pleasure of interviewing Helene Schmit, a sought-after Coach, Consultant, and Happiness At Work Activist, to talk about some of the key issues faced by many remote workers, particularly when just starting out; issues such as isolation and maintaining momentum in your work day.

    When you first start working remotely, it can be difficult to self-manage your time and remain productive. In this interview, Helene discusses how embracing the right mindset can help you combat these inevitable challenges and really start to build a rewarding remote career.

    Watch the full interview below.

    About Helene

    Through her location independent consulting & coaching, Helene shares her extensive experience and knowledge to help people to design and live a fulfilling and balanced work life. Helene has been featured by The Nomad Capitalist and Happy Melly, she was a speaker at the Freedom Summit and Agility By Design conference, and also a returning guest facilitator on the Women In Transition program. In addition, Helene presents various workshops and talks in different countries as well as online.


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    Interview_ Helene Schmit on Remote Work Mindset

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