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Business Operations Assistant
Welcome to the job that will change your life!

Please understand that if you’re seeing this page, you are one step away from an interview. In other words, please take your time to fill this in as I only send it to applicants who I think may be a good fit. The next step is an email from me within a week requesting a video interview.

First, a little about me: I’m an author, entrepreneur, full-time traveler (digital nomad), and influencer.

I’m also the best in the world at Airbnb. That’s what I do professionally – all-things Airbnb.

I’m looking for one team member to help me with various activities for my personal (dannybooboo) and professional (OptimizeMyAirbnb) brands.

Most importantly, I’m looking for a partner. A partner is someone who will help me run the business and will be compensated as such with part salary and part performance-based commission and bonuses.

I’m not looking for an employee. An employee is someone who wants to work 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, have a list of known, recurring and routine tasks to complete, and collect a consistent paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with this type of work, it’s just not what I’m offering at this time.

I’m looking for one very long-term partner (5+ years) with the following attributes:
> Native or fluent in English
> A self starter (this is not a job where you will simply follow instructions)
> Supremely organized (I say something one time and I must have confidence that it’s being taken care of)
> Attention to detail

The tasks I need help with are varied, but include:
> social media management
> help fulfilling online digital product orders
> writing blog posts
> online detailed research
> customer/partner outreach
> Website chat and email management
> desire to learn and optimize business tools (I want you to manage and optimize the various business tools like website popups, etc.)

This role will oversee future hires I make so it needs to do every role in the company. In the future, this role will expand to include project management of a few things I want to start like rebuilding my website and creating a phone application.

The salary is fixed between $750 – $1500 per month for the 3-month trial period, at which point we will re-evaluate. There’s potential for performance-based commission and bonus.
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Brief Intro To Danny, OptimizeMyAirbnb.com, and Dannybooboo

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