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Community Management Contest (not the CMC you first thought about)

More and more TON-related products have been going live, and we talk about them with friends, sharing them with the community, and spread the news in chats. The community is the heart of any product, and we want to help developers become closer to their audience.

We want to find community managers passionate about the crypto industry and experienced in social media management and tactics. Thus, we are launching our first Community Management Contest.

Contest Format

We expect the applicants to show their skills for a few general community management tasks and propose a growth strategy for one of the core TON products within 2 phases of the contest.

The first phase starts today and lasts for three weeks. We ask the applicants to complete the following tasks:

  1. Share 5–10 of your favourite blockchain social media accounts and explain why you have chosen them. Type your answers directly in the submission form (see below).
  2. Propose a two-week content plan update for TON channels on Telegram AND Twitter. The best way to submit results is to create accounts, post content, and share the accounts with us.
  3. [Optional] Upload a video with you making a 2-minute speech about any of the advantages of TON. Please upload it to YouTube and share the link with us.
  4. [Optional] Unleash your creativity and share ideas for collaborations with Toncoin: Who do you think will be a perfect match for TON, and how exactly do you expect to find mutual benefits with this partner? Submit your one-pager doc.

Please submit your completed tasks via this form by 23:59 GMT on May 31st. We expect all the tasks to be completed in English.

Prizes and Honors

The results of Phase 1 will be announced on June 10th alongside the conditions for Phase 2. Since community building is not a science but rather a mixture of science and art, we have invited some experts in blockchain and community management from around the globe to serve as the competition’s jury and choose worthy winners. The list includes professionals from TON Foundation, CoinDesk, Ecosystem Fund partners, and independent experts.

  • Winners of the contest will get prizes in Toncoin, the native token of the TON blockchain. 6,000 Toncoin will be split amongst (up to) 20 best contestants for this phase.
  • 10 contestants with the most creative approach for task #4 will receive NFTs from popular collections on TON.
  • The most successful and engaged contestants may be offered career opportunities as community managers or social media managers for various TON products, including the TON Foundation.

Good luck!

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