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About SpyGuy

SpyGuy is the premier e-commerce website for spy gear and counter-surveillance products like hidden cameras, GPS trackers, covert audio, and more. Our clients include law enforcement agencies, private investigators, business owners, and everyday people who have problems that our products can help solve.

SpyGuy is a small, remote team of just 3 people and our goal is to make surveillance simple by educating our clients, matching them with the best products, and providing lifetime tech support.

Our business has doubled since the pandemic started and we’re recruiting new team members to help us get to the next phase.

Now Hiring: Customer Care Specialist

As a customer care specialist, your job is to answer any and all questions that make their way to the company. These can be pre-sale questions, tech support questions, questions about tracking numbers and order status….. if it can be asked, you’ll have the answer!

Don’t know anything about spy gear? No big deal, we’ll teach you everything we know and give you the tools to succeed.

You’ll be spending most of your time in our helpdesk ticketing software, HelpScout, and our e-commerce software, Shopify. When customers email us, they show up as tickets in HelpScout which makes the job easier.

We’ve automated as much of this as we can through the use of email automation and education on our website, but some of this still makes its way into our inbox. You’ll also be assigned tickets that our 24/7 live chat service is unable to answer because it might be too difficult.

The role is crucial because you’ll be making sure our customers are as happy with SpyGuy as they can be. Your role directly impacts the financials of the company – you’ll be closing customers over email and rescuing sales by solving their problems before they return their orders.

The workload is totally manageable – to the point where we were considering making this a part-time contractor role. We decided we wanted someone officially on the team, with more buy-in, and to offer a full-time salary so we can get an awesome teammate.

Will you even be working 40 hours a week? We have no idea, we don’t track that information. We just want the help tickets answered clearly and in a timely manner.

Want to travel? This job is fully remote, and you can work it from anywhere in the world, although ideally in the Americas. When you scroll down a bit, you might notice that we’ll actually pay for your plane tickets.

There is a bit of a catch, though – you need to do your job during the American work hours. Our customers are exclusively in North America and they expect to get service during the day. Eurozone is cool. You will also need to respond to tickets for an hour or two over the weekend.

Essential Functions

  • Respond to customer tickets in friendly, plain English
  • Manage your time so that all tickets are addressed quickly and effectively
  • Cancel or modify orders, issue refunds in Shopify
  • Troubleshoot customers’ issues with their products
  • Communicate with our packing/shipping team
  • Scan incoming orders for fraud
  • Keep the company’s digital file system clean and organized
  • Do internet research to get answers you don’t know offhand
  • Ability to ask questions whenever unsure about how to proceed
  • Clear written communication with the rest of the SpyGuy team
  • Respond to chargebacks with detail

Day to Day

A typical day would start off by greeting the team and checking for any announcements.

Then you’d log into our help ticket app (Gorgias) and take a look at all the tickets that have come in overnight. You’d scan the tickets for customers who want to cancel their order before it ships, change their shipping options, and help make that happen.

After that, you’d go ahead and start responding to all the new tickets or responses that have recently been made. These tickets are usually questions about things like:

  • Pre-sale info about our products or shipping options
  • Order status, tracking numbers, lost shipments
  • Processing returns and exchanges using our returns app Loop
  • Wanting refunds for packages that weren’t delivered on time thanks to FedEx or USPS

When you’re first starting, you’ll start seeing the same questions over and over again and will want to turn that into a default response template or macro. Stuff like:

  • What’s the address?
  • What kind of audio file does this product make?
  • How do I use the date and time stamp on this hidden camera why isn’t my GPS tracker registering?

After a while, you’ll notice that 90% of the tickets that come in can be answered with a canned response and should be able to blow through them.

Outside of handling tickets, you will spend time learning our products. They’re easy to use, but most people have never used this sort of stuff before and have questions. We want you to know these products well so that your communications make it clear that you know what you’re doing.

We’d also want you to draft responses to chargebacks – this is when a customer disputes their order saying that it’s a fraud, the order wasn’t delivered…. we get a decent amount of this. We’ll teach you how to draft a foolproof response to these so that we win the dispute.

When things are slow, there’ll be times where we ask other things from you. This might be something like:

  • Help proofread a new article for the blog
  • Contact suppliers or app developers to get answers to questions our team has talked to the founder (Allen) about things you’re noticing
  • That can be improved upon draft up a quick start guide for new products we start offering

Key Skills

  • Strong written English skills
  • Positive attitude, empathy, coachable spirit,
  • Fast to respond to new sales and help tickets
  • Take common ticket responses and turning them into macros/templates
  • Can turn a disgruntled customer into a big fan
  • Quick-learner, dependable, with strong attention to detail
  • Strong Google-fu (internet research) skills
  • Self-motivated doesn’t need to be told to finish tasks
  • Experience and knowledge of basic Mac and PC functions & differences
  • Basic knowledge of electronics, cables/ports, file types
  • Comfortable with using software like Loom and CloudApp to record screens and webcams
  • Keep the team updated on what you’re working on or new problems noticed
  • Knowledge of Shopify, Google Suite, and ticket and task management apps like ClickUp are highly preferred

Why You Should Work Here: Salary, Benefits, and Perks

Working for an online business like SpyGuy has some pretty great benefits:

  • We will pay for your relocation! If you are based in the USA and have dreamed about traveling abroad while working online, it doesn’t get much better than this. Our founder has a lot of credit card points and is willing to cover your plane tickets to your new destination.
  • All SpyGuy employees get 4 plane tickets per year to travel regionally. 4 one-way or 2 round-trip, it doesn’t matter to us.
  • Access to all ebooks and online courses we’ve bought over the years, most of which involve running an e-commerce business, marketing, finances, product manufacturing…. we’ve got a lot of resources you can learn from.
  • Flexible hours. We mentioned this previously but want to make it clear we don’t make you clock in or out at certain times.
  • This role pays $1,500 per month. For an idea of what that can get you while working abroad, check out NomadList.
  • A chance to move up in the company. If you’ve got the motivation, we can get you involved in more of the company’s operations and have you take charge of other projects we have going on. this means more pay and responsibility. Email marketing, SEO, supply chain – all of these are things you could move on to.
  • Our goal is to begin having company retreats once travel is a bit easier to figure out.

Note: If you are deciding to stay in the USA, we will only hire for those with residency in Texas as that’s where we are registered for payroll.

In addition, you’ll get to work directly with the founder, Allen, and have extensive exposure to the rest of us, learning how to run an e-commerce store, manufacture products, and manage a company. You’ll be able to work 100% remotely, with a small team that values flexibility, autonomy, and respects your personal time.

In fact, we encourage you to get your work done so that you can spend your time working on your skillsets, hobbies, relationships… we realize you’ve got a life you want to live!

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