Crypto Jobs List (1-10 Employees, N/A 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

N/A 1-Year Employee Growth Rate | N/A 2-Year Employee Growth Rate | LinkedIn | $0 Venture Funding

What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?

Heya! Welcome to Crypto Jobs List.

We are the best place to find and post blockchain jobs on the Internet. Since launch in 2017, we’ve helped hundreds of talented people join the crypto industry, and helped dozens of talented crypto startups grow!With over 1900 companies and 106k+ job applications to 6.5k+ of jobs, we’ve been home of hiring in the industry. Clients include Compound.Finance, Ethereum Foundation, Parity, ConsenSys, Metamask, Huobi, OKEx, Bybit, BRD wallet,, Cardano and many others.

We are humbled by this opportunity and this year’s growth has been unparalleled. We believe that everyone should be working on what they love and we are here to make that happen.

Job Description

gm fam! We are looking for a generalist first non-tech hire with exceptional people skills. At the core of your role will be helping our business customers find success on Crypto Jobs List: replying to emails, solving big and small issues for them, following up, soliciting feedback, upselling, etc. Replying to inbound enqueries is the core of this role, yet it’ll only take about 20-30% of the time. The rest of the time, you’ll be dedicating to one of the elective responsibilities, depending on your strengths and interests. More below.

Core Requirements

  • Exceptional written and spoken English communication skills.
  • You are a people person. You love helping, (cold) reaching out, communicating with a range of senior business people (in crypto).
  • Be active member of CJL community across channels (Discord / Telegram / Twitter)
  • General interest in sales and/or marketing.
  • Prior full-time SME / Startup / Corporate experience of 1-2 years +
  • You are a self-starter, full of ideas and willingness to execute on them.

Core Responsibilities

  • Support our SME / corporate customer inquiries. That’s about 20-30% of the job, but a fundamental part. You’ll be working with and supporting some of the top companies and their leaders in crypto, blockchain, web3 space. Answering questions about our product, helping with billing, and resolving all sorts of situations and issues.
  • Customer retention, acquisition, and building relationships. We don’t do direct sales, but if business development interests you, you might be a great value add to the community.

Elective Responsibilities (pick one)

  • Customer and Partner outreach & prospecting.
  • Media/PR outreach.
  • Community management and growth. Discord / Telegram / LinkedIn. Develop & execute consistent processes for community engagement and organic growth.


  • Super small team   High responsibilities. You wont be pigeonholed into a narrow field of work.
  • Access to top companies in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Web3 space. Great place for you to learn and be fully immersed in the industry.
  • Work side by side with a talented technical team, and influence the product roadmap.
  • You’ll be reporting and working closely with @ksaitor: TwitterLinkedIn. Getting along is a must!

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Job Overview
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