Parabola (11-50 Employees, 15% 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

5% 1-Year Employee Growth Rate | 15% 2-Year Employee Growth Rate | LinkedIn | $10.2M Venture Funding

What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?

The basics
* This role is remote-friendly, but with slight preference towards the SF Bay Area (where Parabola headquarters is) and NYC (where we have another shared space). Our Design Lead goes in to the SF office 1-2 days a week, but we don’t have fixed rules or expectations.
* We’ll prioritize more senior applicants (4+ years experience), but are open to all. We’ll evaluate candidates based on portfolio, skills fit, and team fit (per this job description!)
* It’s a small Design team. Right now it’s just a Design Lead, so self-starters and independent thinkers are exactly who we’re looking for!
What we need designers for
Between few designers, we cover a lot of surface area: applicants should excel in at least one of the first two categories below. Specialists are welcome , but being able to stretch across multiple types of work is even better.
(1) Product/UI: like our builder etc. sign up for a free trial to see it. This work is highly collaborative, information dense, and a bit technical! Includes Interaction Design, Design Systems, and some User Research.
(2) Web/Marketing: includes the website, marketing collateral (presentations, emails, case studies, ads, etc.). Includes visual design and visual systems, as well as a bit of writing.
(3) “Miscellaneous”: as always, Design is uniquely able to help with some things, like designing company swag, refreshing our company listing on other sites, and more! We prioritize our time carefully but will help wherever possible.
What’s so exciting about being a designer at Parabola
An amazing product
At Parabola, you can help design a robust user interface that really changes people’s professional lives. Every B2B startup talks about “empowering” someone, but we’re actually helping folks turn their expertise — team processes, data workflows, operational checklists — into automated programs that they write themselves. It’s helping them become very productive developers without having to learn how to write code.
All of the Design we do — product, marketing, website, even company swag — is supporting a strong core of real world value that Parabola provides. See this post for more.
✌️ The best team
This team — from the founders to brand new hires — is full of humble, empathetic, and intelligent folks from all over. We’re not just interested in “doing our jobs” and making our LinkedIn profiles look good: we’re here to build our favorite version of a workplace (and an excellent product, too).
A promising company
Look, every startup has a “vision.” And we can’t predict the future any better than they can! But we can tell you that we’re growing, successfully selling this product to new customers, and then expanding customers as they realize how awesome Parabola is.
Right now we’re on the cusp of major growth: we’re building promising new features and making big decisions about the trajectory of the company. So now is the time to join if you want to be an early influencer of the product, vision, and execution.
Things to know about how we work
 Exchanging feedback is our way of life. Making good decisions together — as Designers and a broader team — is important to us! That does not mean we’re constantly in the same room with a design partner, but we do heavily incorporate our project partners and others in our process. Remember: Great ideas come from anywhere, feedback makes your designs better, and the designs are ours, not mine or yours.
 We don’t always do things “by the book”! We value making good decisions and great designs. But, we also have to make decisions quickly. We work with our team to validate ideas, but we don’t drag the process out like a large company might. For example: we don’t conduct user interviews for every change we want to ship; we choose the moments where we really need that process, instead.
 The product is friendly (and it’s awesome), but it’s still technical. We have to lean on (and trust in) our CX, Product, and Engineering partners to make informed decisions and design great things — even if I don’t quite understand something like APIs.
️ We work in Figma. And it works really well for us. That includes for illustrations (in our current visual system, at least), but that’s more negotiable.
U0001fa9f We use a lot of modals! Check out our blog post why.
✍️ We do some writing: when we create user-facing experiences, often the words are the primary thing the user reacts to. We’re the stewards of our how product communicates (visually and otherwise), so Designers often take the first pass ✍️ themselves. “Waiting for copy” from someone else can slow us down and lead to designs that lack cohesion.
 Visually, we prefer “evolution” over “revolution.” We’re growing fast and shipping new value to customers, so we’re not positioned to “pause” and overhaul our entire visual system. Instead, we work together to evolve our design system together, project by project. It keeps the brand and product cohesive, but also constantly improving. More on this topic here.
Interested? Apply today and lets talk!

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