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We’re looking for an experienced Software/Infrastructure Engineer to lead our Development Tooling team at Payoneer Merchant Services, supporting our other Engineering teams as they build and deploy software services.

We’re a distributed team, hiring people to work from home around the world.

We’re currently in the process of building out our distributed hiring operations, so we don’t have a definitive list of all countries we can hire in yet, but we’re looking across the range of UTC-5 to +5, and have current team members in Russia, India, USA, Albania, UK, Germany and more!


Payoneer Merchant Services is Payoneer’s Payment Orchestration Provider (POP) offering an open and provider-independent payment platform to help businesses integrate multiple payment gateways, providers, and methods on a global scale. Our platform guarantees online businesses more freedom of choice and reduced complexity in their payment transactions. We provide intelligent payment solutions and tools to enable cross-provider controlling and scoring, and to help customers reduce their operating costs.

With over 100 employees from 32 countries, our team is truly international in every sense of the word. With an experienced team of motivated online payment professionals, we bundle unique and profound know-how with respect to online payments and e-commerce.


Within Engineering we have a number of cross-functional Product Engineering teams building, deploying and running Java services with React-based front-ends, on Nomad on Linux on Google Cloud Platform.

To do this, they use a variety of tools and services owned and maintained by our Development Tooling team, from GoCD to GitHub Actions to Terraform and more.

We talk via Slack and Zoom, our code lives in GitHub, our tasks in Jira and our internal documentation in Confluence.


  • Good command of spoken and written English, our chosen language of communication
  • Experience working with SaaS infrastructure and automations on public-cloud services in highly-available environments
  • Experience with Infrastructure-as-Code tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible.
  • Experience in a leadership role within an engineering organisation – not necessarily as a manager, but e.g. an architect or senior engineer


  • Provide technical leadership and direction to the Development Tooling team
  • Collaborate with Product Engineering teams to help them build, deploy, and run, high-quality reliable and performant software
  • Collaborate with our Platform Engineering team to provide good internal developer experience
  • Participate in the identification, evaluation, deployment and operation of new technologies and tools and services
  • Learn new things and help us learn new things too


These aren’t requirements, just things we think would be particularly valuable. If anything or everything here doesn’t apply to you, please don’t let that put you off applying:

  • You have experience with our toolchain (this is not a requirement – if your background is AWS instead of GCP, or you don’t know Java, that’s not a problem)
  • You’ve read AccelerateSite Reliability Engineering and/or The DevOps Handbook
  • You’ve worked in internationally distributed teams


If you’d like to apply, please send us your CV and a cover letter! Any questions, just get in touch.

Please do include a cover letter – just a few short sentences on how you see us working together. Written communication is important to us, and we love reading about your achievements in cover letters!



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