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Snowball Creations (11-50 Employees, N/A 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

Snowball Creations is an agency that offers growth tools for ambitious businesses to help accelerate their expansion and achieve the massive ambitious goals they've set!

N/A 1-Year Employee Growth Rate | N/A 2-Year Employee Growth Rate | LinkedIn | $0 Venture Funding

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Now Hiring: Remote Agency Marketing Manager

Snowball Creations is Hiring Remotely!

The role in a second

We’re looking for an extremely intelligent, driven and creative marketer with a genuine passion and joy for working with clients to plan and help execute on their marketing strategies to help positive impact businesses snowball!

Your work will involve managing the relationships with our clients to help develop their overall marketing strategy, managing regular LinkedIn Lead Generation campaigns and some more traditional marketing work to be delivered too like viral vyper competitions, email marketing and social media content.

Quick video summary by Max the founder


Job specifications

Title: Agency Marketing Manager
Location: Digitally nomadic (UK London/South east preferred)
Time required: Full time
Salary: Heavily based on experience. Negotiable salary.

Must be a native English speaker.

The story

Snowball Creations is a marketing, sales and social media agency. We offer powerful growth tools like PPC, Linkedin Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Content and more. We’re also developing our own suite of software to create greater value for our clients and the team. Software creates leverage to make our jobs easier while delivering a better result for the client. We aim to be as ‘smart’ a business as we can! We’re growing rapidly with over 600% growth from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021 so now in need of expanding our team!

Why Snowball Creations for you?

We’re an extremely driven company. Every team member is madly ambitious and focused on making the company something big. I, Max the founder, want to leave a mark on the world in a big way. Snowball Creations is my vessel to do that by helping positive impact businesses to scale (snowball) through the growth tools we offer.

In exchange for your hard work and commitment I commit fully to you too. I will put total trust into you with free reign to work in the way that suits you as long as it doesn’t impact other team members. With all the perks like unlimited paid holiday and working from where you like in the world (As long as fair timezone gap to London, Asia probably step too far).

Free reign but not left alone. My number one goal is to help you grow personally as fast as I can make you. If you’re someone that aspires for more and has great ambitions for life, then Snowball Creations is the home for you!

Where do you fit in?

You will act as the marketing manager for our clients. The largest part of your work will involve managing our LinkedIn Lead Gen clients campaigns. This involves working with automation software we use to outreach to potential leads and working with our existing LinkedIn team.

The other large part of your day to day work will involve helping to execute on other marketing services our clients are signed up to that you’re in charge of that include vyper competitions, email marketing, social media content scheduling and blogging services (blogs themselves currently outsourced).

So the role takes someone that’s analytical and intelligent to manage automated linkedin outreach but also someone who is artistically talented and creative in order to deliver beautifully finished emails, social posts, vyper competition landing pages etc.

You also need to be a strong natural communicator. You need to be confident in talking to clients and enjoy the back and forth in working with them.

What we are looking for in you

  • Extremely ambitious and excited at the thought of building a modern innovative and global marketing agency and taking real ownership of it.
  • An intelligent and analytical thinker, able to take a data driven approach to developing our LinkedIn Lead Gen service, email marketing, content and vyper competitions services.
  • Artistically talented to be able to beautiful aesthetics.
  • Talented with the written word and communication skills.
  • Highly confident in yourself and your work and with people.
  • Workaholic and proud.
  • Love numbers!
  • Likeable as hell! You’re great at making people love you.
  • Empathetic to both the client and team around you.

Essential hard skills and experience required

  • Must be a Native English Speaker.
  • 1 year + of experience in social media.
  • Some understanding with marketing more broadly.
  • Experience of some kind with content creation broadly speaking.

Bonus points

  • Competition management experience.
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen experience.
  • Significant SEO experience.
  • Worked within marketing agencies before.
  • Worked within startups before.
  • Google / Facebook / LinkedIn paid ads experience.

Read more about our company over on our site:

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