Concordium (51-200 Employees, 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

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Concordium is a layer one blockchain on a mission to migrate billions of users from the old world to the new world. We’re creating a trusted public network through ID framework, with all the benefits of a private chain.

Job Description

Hello Crypto Community!

Concordium is seeking an experienced Partnership Manager to scale our grant program and build our brand as the number one choice for new projects. Focusing on getting the web3 community to adopt our chain, your role will be to build brand awareness through strong relationships, presenting the benefits of the chain and what we as a blockchain can do for dApps. Creating both a physical and digital presence, you will be the driving force behind accelerating our grants program in order to scale our dApp ecosystem. We are Concordium, a layer one blockchain that provides an ID framework that will help migrate users from web2 to web3 over the next decade. Designed by some of the world’s leading blockchain researchers, and founder of Saxo Bank, Lars Seier Christensen, Concordium is prepared to facilitate the entire world on chain. Our team consists of key leadership with significant experience that has both built and worked at some of the largest companies in the banking, finance, and the crypto world.

We’re looking for someone extremely passionate about crypto, NFTs, and blockchain, to genuinely and authentically drive interest to our chain by creating an ecosystem of thriving projects from the best developers in the community. You will be working with the brand and commercial team to ensure Concordium is known as a leader in the space, demonstrating the enormous opportunity to become a first mover and build on our chain.

Your job will be to:

  • Map out the strategy using market trends, targeting crypto communities, and presenting Concordium to new projects. As our ecosystem begins to thrive, you’ll dedicate a portion of your time to targeting existing projects (currently on other chains), that we simply must have on Concordium.
  • Develop relationships with individuals in need of capital to scale their projects, and truly sell the Concordium mission and vision with authenticity.
  • Negotiate the shortest route to success: We want dApps to build on Concordium, whether through our grant program or simply because you’ve sold the idea that this is the chain of the future. For this, you’ll be required to work mostly autonomously on lead creation, facilitation, follow up, and closing projects while creating a simple Google doc that updates the team on progress made.
  • Develop simplistic systems where you will be able to:a) Present a potential enterprise use case to the commercial team in 5 bullet points on the biggest opportunity we have to partner a project with a major organization.b) Summarize a potential for media coverage ‘’Concordium invests in dApp from X that helps Y.’’ c) Introduce Concordium, meet the developers of a project, introduce the project to the grant committee, and follow up with the decision.

We are looking for:

  • A highly experienced Partnership Manager from the crypto/blockchain space with a proven track record of partnership development.
  • Someone with a solid understanding of the crypto industry, terminology, and culture.
  • Individuals that have successfully and authentically partnered with well-known NFT projects, tokens, and chains.
  • A passionate person that knows how to build authentic relationships with developers, projects, and the wider crypto community.

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Job Overview
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