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WeTransfer (201-500 Employees, 41% 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

WeTransfer offers a way to send files around the world through its platform.

25% 1-Year Employee Growth Rate | 41% 2-Year Employee Growth Rate | LinkedIn | $63.8M Venture Funding

What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?

Every day, millions of people rely on WeTransfer to share their creative ideas.
Having made its name in the game of quick and simple file-sharing, WeTransfer has grown into an end-to-end suite of digital solutions with more than 80 million monthly active users in 190 countries. Beyond the platform, we have the storytelling platform WePresent, quick slide-making tool Paste, immersive sketching app Paper, and inspiration-capturing tool Collect. We design and deliver delightful experiences that continue to feel obvious and intuitive to millions of people—from our moms to your favorite artists. As a certified B-Corp, WeTransfer aims to be a sustainable and responsible tech company, balancing people, planet, and profit
So, the work we do matters. Come and be a part of it.
About Auth & Billing
Our team builds the unified identity and billing layers for our product portfolio. We enable effortless payment for our subscription offerings and a cross-product authentication experience (think Single Sign-On). These services are at the heart of our products and the starting point for current and future integrations.
With that, the team plays a central role in many key product development initiatives at WeTransfer. We routinely collaborate with teams across the company and celebrate shared learnings and successes. Our work has immediate impact on millions of users, so we are dedicated to iterate and learn while building, and run a smooth operation together with our heroes from the user support team.
About our workflow
We believe that software is gardening. Software development is as much about creating as it is about keeping the thing you created healthy. As a team, we stand collectively for what we created and ever-growing it into something our users love and use. We trust each other to make good decisions, but also to make mistakes and learn from them.
Our main toolkit for backend services includes Rails, Rack, Sinatra, and Sqewer, but we don’t shy away from touching some NodeJS code as well. We utilize Stripe and to a lesser extent PayPal as payment processors for our paying subscribers, and Auth0 as shared identity provider between our three main products. Our team owns several backend services end-to-end, deployed on our Kubernetes cluster.
We prefer to work with people that understand that tools are just tools, not the main goal, and can find the most suitable solution for any given problem. We also think that quality is a must, and we set the bar pretty high, but a pragmatic approach is preferred over an over-engineered solution. Making our users happy is our best quality metric.

What you’ll be doing

    • Collaborate with designers, product managers, and other engineers to convert feature ideas into workable solutions
    • Work with other teams and engineers to understand their needs and challenges
    • Design, build, and operate resilient and scalable services in a multidisciplinary team
    • Review teammates’ code honestly and respectfully

Qualities we’re looking for

    • Value open and honest communication and good teamwork to achieve a shared vision
    • Passionate learner, loves to share their knowledge and experience, and who isn’t afraid of new tools and technologies to build a great end-to-end customer experience
    • Strong backend development skills and experience running high-volume production workloads for consumer products
    • Able to integrate 3rd-party APIs in a fault-tolerant way from documentation and following best practices
    • Comfortable designing data-intensive service architecture for internal as well as external users
    • Experience delivering end-to-end solutions to validate ideas and produce quality products
    • Self-directed, investigative, highly responsible and working well in a team environment
    • Experience implementing identity providers or OAuth flows is a plus
    • Even better if you have experience integrating 3rd party payment providers
WeTransfer is an equal opportunity employer and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our people. We welcome you, and everything that makes you—well, you. That includes your gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, or disability status.
A note on remote
Covid has changed the world. Just as much as it changed us. While we can’t wait until offices re-open, being at the office will not be mandatory in the future. This way, you get the best from both worlds. That move is still pretty new for us though, we are getting there, we are writing more, doing more async communication, and are now ready to take it to the next level.

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