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What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?

TL;DR: Ability to take an idea through to shipped product:

•Comfortable picking up an idea or feature → talking to customers/team members to gain a deeper understanding → framing it as a problem to be solved → mapping out and designing a solution → working with engineering to ship the feature

•Experienced using common UI patterns to quickly design intuitive products

•Happy to manage themselves cross-functionally in a remote-first environment

•Comfortable working in a startup environment, ambiguity and a lack of structure is a part of the journey, you will help shape the product and team

About On Deck

On Deck is the #1 place globally for people starting something new. There is an age-old saying: “Talent is distributed equally worldwide, access is not” – we are changing this. You can think of us as Silicon Valley in the Cloud, or if a digitally native Stanford would be built in 2020.


The Opportunity

Help define the early product, work with autonomy, network with the most talented people globally, and ride the momentum as the company scales.

For the right person, this can be a career-defining role with an extensive network – and we hire internationally but prefer candidates between US West Coast and Eastern European timezones (incl. LatAm and Africa)

Specifically, you will be responsible for:

Building products that help:

1. Fellows to connect and build relationships

2. Fellows to find content and answers in the network

3. Fellows to progress towards their goals

4. On Deck and its Programs to grow and run smoothly

Additionally, you will be:

•Laying the groundwork for product strategy and design

•Developing the visual identity of the product suite

•Shipping products and MVPs at a fast pace.

•Own parts of the product roadmap and its implementation.

•Your job will be to create the best network and education tooling for the founders of new companies and their investors.

Who you are:

  • Have design and shipped products/apps before
  • Strong interaction and visual design skills
  • Ability to prototype rapidly
  • Able to prioritize duties and work well on your own
  • Ability to think at a high level about product strategy
  • Capable of acting as a Product Manager when needed

Why you might be excited about us:

  • Participants in our existing Fellowships say great things about us
  • We’re tackling an exciting problem that has impact worldwide
  • You will be able to help define our product going forward
  • You’ll have a lot of flexibility in your role (“create your own role”)
  • You’ll be able to work remotely and (mostly) set your own schedule
  • You will be able to network with some of the best talent worldwide
  • This might be the ideal jump-pad for people who have ambitions of starting their own company down the road
  • We’re backed by a who’s who of the biggest names in the venture investing world, including Village Global, Keith Rabois, Balaji Srinivasan, Bloomberg Beta, and so many more. (Read more about our fundraise and 50-year vision here.)

Why you might *not* be excited about us:

  • We’re small – everyone wears multiple hats. If you like more established companies, this role isn’t for you.
  • We’re an early-stage startup. Projects and priorities are likely to shift.
  • Everyone on the team is exceptionally mission-driven and works incredibly hard to push towards our lofty ambitions. Most people are not cut out for this kind of startup work.
  • On Deck is an unabashedly pro-startup, pro-tech, pro-diversity and pro-global-opportunity organization. If that’s not your thing, this isn’t the place for you.
  • You should be comfortable with just a dash of chaos.
  • This is not the kind of job where you show up, and we tell you exactly what to do every day. This is the kind of job where we want YOU to tell us what needs to be done to get to the results we agreed on.

This is a senior level role, with a competitive salary, stock options, and plus employee benefits including generous healthcare.

Location, start date and compensation:

Our team works remotely, but generally follows U.S. PST-friendly hours.

Due to meeting times this role is primarily open to candidates in USA West Coast <-> Eastern Europe (incl LATAM and EMEA).

If you were to join On Deck, we’d want you to love it. We also know that it can be hard to tell from the outside looking in whether that would be the case for you. So, we challenged ourselves to develop an honest set of reasons someone wouldn’t want to join our company. We hope it helps you make an informed decision about whether On Deck is a place you’d love to work. In summary, On Deck may not be the place for you if:

• Another company’s mission gets you way more fired up.

• You want a 9-5 job.

• You do your best work in highly-structured, steady-paced, and meticulously-planned environments.

• You like finding and poking holes more than you like filling them.

• You see differences as divisions.

You can read the details of why On Deck may not be the company for you on our Non-Values page.

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