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Job description

Cherry Ventures is supporting the hiring for our portfolio company Klar.

We are looking for someone that will build out the sales function within Klar.

Having done it over the last year themselves, they truly believe in its importance and are now looking for someone with more experience and skills in the fields. This is a greenfield role, where you can build out the sales function with a lot of autonomy.

The Role

Initially it will be about validating outbound sales as a scalable method to acquire new customers. That will include:

  • Identifying list of target accounts
  • Selecting the tools and tech stack you need to be successful
  • Developing and testing different ways of outreach. They are super open to try new, out-of-the-box ideas here.

After you established outbound sales as an effective way to acquire new customers, you will be in the driver’s seat to build out and scale up the department:

  • Define team structure, hire people, lead and develop the team
  • Adjust tech stack and processes as needed with scale to maximize efficiency
  • Analyze conversion data to identify what to double down on to drive effectiveness


  • You have 3+ years in sales experience
    • ideally selling to eCommerce companies but that is optional as long as your mindset and skillset is right.
  • You speak German fluently and ideally English
    • Germany is their focus right now but they are available to eCommerce brands globally and will be looking to expand their focus soon. It would be great if you could also lead that charge.
  • You optimize for growth
    • outreaching to potential customers might feel like a step back in your career. But you see the great value in building and developing something yourself from scratch and embrace it – catapulting you foward five more steps in the process.
  • You want to understand our customers and product
    • having worked in eCommerce themselves, they want their sales team to be able to emphasize with their customers and understand their product in detail. They don’t believe in pushy sales technique but want to help their customers find the best solution for them.
  • You are instantly likeable
    • They believe that selling is as much about personal connection as it is about hard facts. You have the remarkable skills to instantly connect with people and are a good listener. You are the person that remembers what someone told you on the side 3 months ago.
  • You are humble & hungry – you don’t want the ordinary, you strive for greatness. At the same time you know that you still have a long way to go and are willing to work your butt off to get there. No task is too low for you.


  • A great product that solves a real problem – early traction proves: people really want this product – and that’s always easier to sell. Over 80% of the brands that they showed Klar wanted to be onboard. So they are clearly building something that solves a real problem and that customers need.
  • Top-of-market compensation
    • sales will be a crucial function in their success and they want you to participate, both in development, but also financially.
  • You work with amazing customers
    • They are targeting eCommerce founders and marketing leaders and working with them is amazing. They have a wide variety of backgrounds, are driven to build their companies and open to try new things.
  • You have the budget to succeed
    • they want to hire the best people and give them the tools that they need to succeed. They don’t believe in splurging and think that innovative solutions lead to the best results. But you will always get what you need to get the job done.

About Klar

  • Klar is the Data Operating System for growing eCommerce companies
    • no more spreadsheets. Klar integrates with all their datasource to provide them with detailed insights on how to accelerate growth and increase profitability.
  • Their closed-beta was oversubscribed by over 200%
    • They initially only wanted 20 brands. Now over 60 brands from 7 countries and 3 continents use Klar. So yeah, you could say that they struck a chord.
  • They deeply empathise with the struggles of their customers – after having worked most of the last 10 years in e-commerce companies, they know their pain and built Klar to help.
  • Their guiding principle is Do Work You Are Proud Of  They emphasize long-term quality over short term results.

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Job Overview
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