Moz (201-500 Employees, 2% 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

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Successful search analytics requires an understanding of two things: how a search engine algorithm works and the data set that algorithm is applied to. The Index Team at Moz focuses on this second part and the data set we work with is an index of the internet itself. “Big data” is a popular buzzword these days but at Moz we really mean it! The index we create forms the backbone of Moz Pro which is used by over 20,000 businesses ranging from mom and pop stores to Fortune 500 titans.

We’re open to having folks be based out of any of our US or Canadian offices. 

Diversity & Inclusivity. Moz is committed to building diverse teams where people of all identities and backgrounds are welcome, included, and respected.

What You’ll Do

  • Use hundreds of computers to process petabytes of data and index 40 trillion records daily.
  • Design abstractions for data processing at scale.
  • Employ machine learning to create a rich index of the web.
  • Work on a small team which has a daily impact on the success of the company.
  • Understand and embrace our core values: Transparency, Accountable, Generous, Fun, Empathetic and Exceptional.

Experience We Want to See

  • Several years of experience working on products which apply complex algorithms to solve large scale data problems. While we’re open to consider people early into their careers and don’t consider years of experience to be a reliable indicator of quality we also want to be clear that this is not an entry level role for someone straight out of a university.
  • Strong algorithm skills including a deep appreciation for the complexity of large scale algorithms and Big O notation.
  • Experience in C++, AWS and Linux or a demonstrated ability with comparable technologies and an ability to adapt quickly to new environments.
  • A solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, not just an ability to write code.
  • We would like to see experience working with systems which routinely handle petabyte sized datasets.
  • Solid communication skills – your resume should show not just your technical skills but should also make it clear how your work contributed to the success of the organization’s goals.


About Us

The Moz Group, a division of Ziff Davis, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZD), is a leading Internet information and services company consisting of a portfolio of brands across digital media and cloud services. The Moz Group business includes Campaigner, iContact, Kickbox, Moz and


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