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Mancium is a token that allows you to participate actively in the MANC ecosystem, which is growing very effectively and successfully at a great rate. Mancium will be used in in-app game purchases, and will have a number of further benefits for its holders.It will be the only token that will allow the purchase of many items and features in MANC’s applications. Those users who hold their Manciums during particular scheduled periods will be provided with even further advantages such as stake interests and bonuses.Another benefit Mancium holders are provided with is the opportunity to join MANC Academy. Besides MANC Academy candidates, Manciums will be used by those users interested in metaverse. Meta versions of MANC games applications will be available only to Mancium holders and holders of Mancium-related NFTs. To be a part of the future, act now!

Job Description

Mancium is looking for a solidity developer to join an international agile and product team where you will be in charge of delivering solidity smart contracts and dapps to a diverse set of users.


– Interpret client requirements to the blockchain architect and lead smart contracts development.
– Develop features and augmentations in a stable, tested, and efficient way.
– Develop solidity code engineering on client platforms.
– Review the technical reviews of the products.
– Take care of blockchain integration with existing applications.
– Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams, product managers to brainstorm the latest technologies and applications.
– Conduct blockchain research, design, development, and testing on the Ethereum network.
– Using Solidity, create proprietary blockchain technology (services, libraries, and algorithms).
– Create and deploy high-security technologies (Services, libraries, Algorithms).
– Creating novel, reusable, tested, and efficient code to develop and support blockchain systems.
– Daily, shipping features both on the front end and the back end.
– Working with a product manager, designer, and engineers to plan and collaborate on features.
– Implementing prototype/testnet versions of smart contracts.
– Evaluation of different blockchain implementation to fit the needs of our product.
– Working on the project until production, including the launch of the mainnet.
– Designing, developing and deploying Solidity smart contracts.
– Working closely with development teams for trouble-shooting.
– Writing technical documentation.
– Maintaining source code and troubleshooting systems.


– Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, engineering, statistics, Mathematics, or relevant field.

2+ years of experience as a technical architect in blockchain projects or Solidity (rare exceptions made based on skill-level).

Working experiences on different blockchain platforms, like Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, and Bitcoin.

Hands-on experience in blockchain architecture and its applications.

Efficiency in open-source platforms, like Hyperledger, Composer, Truffle, Neo, etc.

Ability to explain the blockchain concept and its feasibility.

Understanding of Smart Contracts and consensus techniques, as well as experience developing blockchain apps or proofs-of-concept (POCs) in Solidity on Ethereum.

Hands-on development expertise in the following areas: Solidity, JavaScript, node.js, and JSON.

Must have a strong interest in blockchain technology and like learning and developing new and inventive methods to leverage smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

Understanding of Blockchain architectural design patterns as well as supporting infrastructure.
Knowledge of ERC20, ERC721, and other protocols.

In-depth knowledge of blockchain logic.

Understanding of fundamental encryption mechanisms.

Participation in Open Source blockchain initiatives is a huge benefit.

Experience in peer-to-peer networking.

Familiarity with Test-Driven Development.

Team Player, with the capacity to work with a worldwide team with enthusiasm and drive.

Have experience developing well-designed REST APIs.

Demonstrate good analytical abilities.

Working knowledge of at least one Blockchain implementation.

Understanding of security and cryptography.

Prior experience working with developing technological sectors and driving new points of view and capabilities.

A highly experienced Solidity Developer.

Individuals that have successfully built and launched legitimate game, NFT, and other crypto projects and tokens.

A crypto native that understands how to work with and manage timelines.

A passionate person that knows how to elevate the game they work on by showing integrity on social media and in person.

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Job Overview
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