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About the Technical Writer position

Allobee is a managed marketplace and tech startup. We provide a remote workforce of fully vetted, freelance experts to our clients that are small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. We are looking for a skilled Technical Writer who will produce any of the the following for clients’ needs: high-quality documentation, white papers and social media content.

You should possess outstanding writing and presentational skills and be able to efficiently collaborate with clients. We also expect you to have decent experience with data analysis or technical systems and to be interested in learning something new when working with various clients.

Technical Writer responsibilities are:
  • Collaborate with clients to obtain an in-depth understanding of the product/market and the writing requirements
  • Create high-quality content that is appropriate for its intended audience
  • Analyze existing and potential content, focusing on reuse and single-sourcing opportunities
Technical Writer requirements are:
  • Significant experience of creating quality data driven and/or technical content with an attention to detail
  • Strong ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and explain them
  • Excellent written English skills
  • Good practical experience with Microsoft Office or GSuite

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place: USA Only.

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