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What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?


Huumans Inc is the parent company of Huumans Bookkeeping, but it’s focused on the same mission – to make owning and running a small business as accessible to as many people as possible.

Running a small business is hard. Often the person running a small business is highly skilled in the service they provide, but not so skilled in the running of an actual business. You’re an amazing chef, but don’t know how to run payroll. You’re a talented gardener but you don’t know how to predict cash flow. And why should you? Time is short, the learning curve is way too high, your bank talks at you like you’ve got an MBA and the chance of failure is always huge. In fact 45% of small businesses fail within the first five years of being founded.

We want to change that.

We’re looking for a world-class CRO to help us build and define our business. As CRO for the Huumans Inc. group of Companies you will have the unique responsibility of overseeing the revenue components of the short-term, mid-term and long-term growth of a one-of-a-kind, high-growth Canadian FinTech startup that is currently post-seed and closing on Series A.

It’s a critical role. Without revenue we die. And being early in our journey, the stakes are very high. We’re taking a unique approach to a ‘traditional’ industry, and this comes with all the complications you’d expect: defining and telling the story, driving the conversion, finding creative approaches. It also means getting your hands dirty, driving from the front: closing, negotiating, scoping, networking, acquiring. Startups can be incredibly exciting, but they can also make you draw on skills you long ago thought you’d progressed beyond needing or tasks your ego thought were no longer part of your day-to-day remit – and this is especially true in revenue, which is, no matter how you cut it, the lifeline of early stage business building.

You’ll not be ‘traditional’. Working with senior management, you’ll fully participate in operational and strategic decision making, including a deep involvement in our future. It’s everything from closing deals, building funnels, finding ways to increase acquisitions and forecasting those changes, decisions and strategies. It’s one hand on the ignition of an out-of-control rocketship towards the nearest habitable planet – and one hand knocking on doors, drumming up leads and delivering startling ideas for market gains.


This is a leadership role. There’s no questioning that. It’s all on you. It’s also a critical role representing a critical stage of the company’s development, so you’ll know what proof will be needed that you’re the right fit.

From day one you’ll:

  • Increase the revenue and conversions of our current and future client base using every trick in the book, from SEO, partnerships, acquisitions, paid, organic and probably a range of seemingly nonsensical plans of action you have in your back pocket that you know will work.
  • You’ll live and breathe growth and the growth mindset – and infect everyone with it. Everyone is sales, and you know that, and you’ll have ways of embedding that in the culture.
  • You’ll be always closing or building something, but you’ll know how to close and build in environments where trust is key and our customers (and the industry as a whole) have a natural suspicion of anything new or ‘too good to be true’.
  • You’ll be building solid strategies for growth that touch every part of the organisation, and you’ll be using your solid people skills to keep things moving forward.
  • You’ll be using your knowledge of early stage business to build towards a late stage business with a clear path of revenue growth predicted, mapped and executed to ambitious self-set targets.
  • You’ll be leading but also doing, and you’ll keep that ego in check.
  • You’ll be front and centre in future venture raises and funding discussions, using your planning, strategies and hard-won in-the-bag revenue to help both the C-suite and investors plan the next best move.
  • You’ll be happy moving between Marketing, Sales and Finance, leveraging each department to aid in your planned market gains, knowing that growth comes from the cooperation of many different channels and skill sets.


Top 20% industry remuneration with the option of equity. That means that the ownership you take day-to-day in your role also translates to actual ownership in the company itself.

A 100% remote environment where you can work from wherever suits you, with the tools you need when you need them.

Mentorship, support and coaching to everyone, whenever it is needed.

A structured career path that you control.

A commitment to a progressive, accessible, equal, transparent and positive working environment for all.

Good benefits, from physical health to mental health and beyond.

Generous, flexible vacation days – we believe that everyone should take ownership and responsibility over their own time – and when they do they work at their best.

Progressive and flexible maternity / paternity / childcare options – we offer everyone the same flexible maternity, paternity or childcare options regardless of their family set up.

Don’t tick all the boxes? Feel you’ve got something to offer but it’s not quite listed? Let us know! We’re always interested in hearing from amazing people. Reach out to us at [email protected]

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