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The mission of the Facebook Risk and Payments organization is to enable anyone, anywhere, to be able to pay and be paid with confidence. Within the Risk and Payments team, the Payment Operations team is responsible for defining and executing a customer support strategy for both new and mature products leveraging payments across the Facebook family of apps. Support could mean different things across our many payments products: from providing support to advertisers who need help paying their bill, to helping charities onboard to receive donations, to identifying and resolving fraudulent transactions.The Data Pillar in Payment operations provide data products that measure and improve the performance of Payments Customer Support. We are looking for a data analyst to enhance our understanding of future support demand. A successful data analyst for this team will be technically adept, have strong communication skills and be able to manage large scale projects with many stakeholders.This role involves owning and developing data infrastructure for forecasting, working with XFNs and leadership to ensure that forecasts are accurate and producing monthly reports describing future support demand. The analyst will own metric infrastructure for email support and several core dashboards.

Data Analyst, Risk & Payments Responsibilities:

  • Develop and own support demand forecasting infrastructure across payment products
  • Generate forecasts in monthly cycles to inform staffing levels required for support
  • Work with products to understand launch cycles and anticipate changes in demand volumes
  • Work with XFNs develop metric tracking for support across our support channels
  • Maintain/develop a large suite of metrics tracking support and proactively identify issues with our support system
  • Own and develop a suite of dashboards associated with forecasting and other support metrics
  • Strong Interest in learning to build/maintain large scale metric tracking infrastructure

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience designing, running, and presenting data analysis
  • 5+ years of experience querying data (SQL or similar) or performing statistical analysis (Python, R, or similar)
  • Proven experience building relationships among multiple teams
  • Experience explaining data analyses to cross-functional teams who are not focused on analytical work
  • Experience working autonomously and collaboratively

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3+ years experience working in payments or operations
  • Experience working with payments data or customer support
  • Experience working with a globally diverse team
  • Experience working in a customer support-focused environment
  • Experience developing data pipelines

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