Coding Dojo (501+ Employees, 60% 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

Coding Dojo is a bootcamp that helps students transform their lives through programming literacy.

49% 1-Year Employee Growth Rate | 60% 2-Year Employee Growth Rate | LinkedIn | $2M Venture Funding

What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?

Digital Marketing Instructor – This is a remote work position working overnight hours in the US to teach students in Arabia time zone



Coding Dojo is a global education technology company that offers a three-full-stack computer programming bootcamp, as well as courses on Data Science and other emerging technologies. The innovative curriculum and Learning Management System are designed to train students to become self-sufficient developers, regardless of their technical background. We also make it a mission to support underserved communities and increase diversity in the tech industry.

This position is a rare opportunity to join a rapidly growing company and make a positive impact in many people’s lives. At Coding Dojo we pride ourselves on possessing a culture of execution that caters to wave makers rather than wave riders. If you’re interested in joining a diverse and dynamic team who value speed, continuous improvement, measurement, focus, accountability, and always attacking the gap, you’ll feel right at home at Coding Dojo.



  • Create the content/curriculum of the Digital Marketing program
  • Deliver instruction on Digital Marketing and related topics
  • Facilitate group discussions, demos, and in-class remote activities
  • Follow industry trends for Digital Marketing
  • Play a hands-on role in curriculum development, use what you learn from working with students to make the curriculum world class
  • Gather and report on student metrics
  • Work alongside Coding Dojo’s Online Instruction team to deliver remote training
  • Participate in professional training, so you stay fresh
  • Facilitate deployment of curriculum with any Coding Dojo clients with the ability to flex work and tasks based on client needs and requests
  • Prepare students for success by providing coaching in all aspects of their journey towards becoming critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Implement state law policies relating to career/vocational schools, such as enforcing student attendance, grading assignments, etc.
  • Enforce the 20 minute rule with all students while showing compassion and expressing the benefits of becoming self-sufficient
  • Frequently (every 20-30 minutes) check on every student’s progress. Be aware of each student’s progress and challenges. Balance your approach of when to step in to help students, and when to challenge students
  • Create and support a fun atmosphere for learning
  • Aid students in achieving student success metrics. These are: curriculum NPS of 8.5, overall belt succession rate of 90% (Black Belt pass rate of 50%), and student placement rate of 95% within 90 days of graduation


  • Excellent analytical, problem solving, negotiating, influencing, facilitation, prioritization, decision-making and conflict resolution skills
  • Experience in teaching that would include one or more areas of mentoring, industry training, online, or classroom instruction.
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching that would include one or more areas of mentoring, industry training, online, or classroom instruction.
  • Proven work experience as a Digital media specialist or Digital marketing manager or comparable role
  • Skillful knowledge of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Audacity and/or other media editing software
  • Experience with visual communication principles
  • Familiarity with content management systems
  • Familiarity with web design and principals
  • Outstanding analytical and project management skills
  • Be able to multitask and work under tight deadlines
  • Your verbal and written communication skills should be very strong.
  • BSc degree in Marketing, Digital media or relevant field or equivalent experience
  • Additional qualification in web design or animation is desirable.


  • Desire to teach, develop and manage
  • Leadership – able to show leadership
  • Enthusiasm – exhibits passion and excitement over work. Has a can-do attitude
  • Calm under pressure – maintains stable performance even when under heavy pressure or stress
  • Information processing skills – demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information
  • Communication – can break down complex concepts in a simple, easy to understand manner
  • Humble – respectful of everyone and their neuro-diversity

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