Electric Coin Company (11-50 Employees, N/A 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

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ECC’s mission is to empower everyone with economic freedom. In support of that mission, we build and support Zcash, a digital currency that protects freedom, dignity, consent and security.

We engage with policy makers and regulators both directly through outreach, briefings, providing feedback on proposed legislation and regulation, and educational activities,

and indirectly by supporting and contributing to the efforts of organizations like Coin Center, the Blockchain Alliance, the Blockchain Association, and Global Digital Finance.

The Head of Regulatory Relations is responsible for the following activities:

  • Work with the Head of Growth to establish a regulatory strategy that aligns with both our communications strategy and our growth priorities in terms of the jurisdictions where we want to encourage greater adoption of Zcash around the world.
  • Collaborate with the Head of Policy to draft and deliver narratives that impact policy and regulation. This person will develop an understanding of who are key regulatory influencers and develop compelling targeted narratives consistent with our objectives and values. They will engage and deliver narratives through in-person briefings, at events, and in writing blogs or other collateral.
  • Act as ECC’s subject matter expert regarding regulatory matters. This includes but may not be limited to AML / CFT, encryption and privacy, securities, and market regulation. You will be expected to monitor regulatory developments that may impact Zcash or its ecosystem, triage and prioritize them, and determine how to best respond through regulatory filings, press engagement, legal action, or other means.
  • Lead efforts to educate third parties about Zcash from a regulatory and compliance perspective. Our education efforts include:
    • explaining to regulators what Zcash is, how it works, and what the regulatory implications of its privacy-preserving technology are,
    • conducting and commissioning research to inform and support our regulatory education efforts, such as the RAND report that explored the use of Zcash for illicit or criminal purposes.
  • Act as a resource for the Zcash ecosystem. In addition to educating regulators, we frequently help regulatory and compliance staff at exchanges and other regulated entities understand how they can comply with their regulatory obligations when listing or supporting Zcash.
  • Raise ECC’s profile as a constructive, credible and authoritative participant in regulatory discussions by:
    • publishing blog posts and briefs,
    • participating in and speaking at conferences and on panels, and
    • representing ECC on industry bodies such as the Blockchain Alliance, the Blockchain Association, and Global Digital Finance.


We have few concrete requirements. We’re flexible and looking for the right person, but intend to hire someone with strong regulatory experience.

  • We have a strong preference for someone who has earned a JD.
  • We have a strong preference for someone with recent experience working with and building trust among US-based regulators such as Treasury/FinCEN, DOJ, OFAC, NYDFS or others.
  • We have a preference for someone with experience working directly with policy makers and staffers.
  • Prior work with global regulators including FCA (UK), JFSA (Japan), MAS (Singapore), FATF and others is beneficial.
  • Experience and deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies is preferred but not required.


Why take this job? Why not join some other startup? Here are a few reasons:

  • Electric Coin Company is on a mission to give everyone on Earth an open, secure, and inclusive financial system through the power of exotic math.
  • We believe in self-care. We commonly move meetings for colleagues’ personal obligations. Your life comes first.
  • Flexible work arrangements–live where you want and work remotely.
  • Everything we do is open source.

We have a strong ethos of professional conduct. We’re looking for people who can work in the professional environment we want our company to be in. This means you need the empathy and emotional intelligence to be a supportive colleague and collaborate well with people of widely different backgrounds, personalities, and skill sets.

At the end of the day, we’re looking for someone who’s as excited as we are about building the future of cryptocurrency.

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