UpViral (1-10 Employees, N/A 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

UpViral is a marketing application that helps businesses to generate effective and profitable viral marketing campaigns.

N/A 1-Year Employee Growth Rate | N/A 2-Year Employee Growth Rate | LinkedIn | $600K Venture Funding

What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?

Are you a numbers-driven, experienced media buyer looking for a major role in a growing team & business? 
We help small businesses grow faster using our SaaS platform UpViral. Our mission ‘to give small businesses the marketing power of giants’ began in 2015 as a bootstrapped startup and has turned into a remote team with 10,000+ customers in over 100+ countries.
We’re looking for someone who is genuinely excited about digital marketing and has experience managing and scaling paid ads (primarily Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads). Someone who loves to geek out on new experiments, and who’s always on top of the latest trends, changes, and best practices. Someone who loves to brainstorm the latest marketing ideas and execute them together, as a team.
You’ll be responsible for our Facebook advertising and YouTube ads, with the option to play a major role in the creative side of our ads strategy. You’ll work together with leadership, copywriters, designers, and fellow marketing experts.
The team is fully remote, spread out over Europe & Asia. Most of our work is done synchronously in the European timezone. We communicate via Slack, Zoom & Clickup. 

About UpViral

UpViral is a SaaS platform that helps businesses’ run referral programs and viral giveaways. It’s being used and recommended by various prominent names in the industry (like digitalmarketer.com). To acquire customers for UpViral, we’re leveraging various traffic channels of which paid advertising has been a prominent one. At its peak, we spent $100k/month on ads profitably. We’re looking for someone who can help us get back at that level and beyond.

Your responsibilities

Although your primary objective will be to manage our paid ads and increase results, we’re looking for someone who truly enjoys digital marketing. Depending on your skill set and wishes, you could take on other responsibilities as well.
Your responsibilities will include:
  • Developing and managing our paid ads strategy.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to get creatives (image, videos, etc) created.
  • Optimizing campaigns for the highest ROI daily.
  • Staying on top of new techniques, strategies, and changes to test for increased campaign success.

About you

Our ideal candidate has:
  • 2+ years of paid Facebook Ads experience.
  • 2+ years of paid YouTube Ads experience.
  • Deep understanding VSL, webinar & opt-in funnels.
  • Advanced awareness of the psychology of advertising and the customer journey.
  • Mid to Expert level knowledge of running funnels to sell products, courses, and programs.
  • High attention to detail. Show us your attention to detail by including the phrase “eye for detail” as one of your specialties when applying.
  • Commitment to ongoing education and digital marketing training to stay on top of changes to Facebook regulations, strategies, and updates.
  • Advanced written, verbal, virtual, and visual communication skills. 

What else?

Everything above describes what “should be” in a job description, right?

But honestly…

That’s the boring part. You should read it, sure – but you still wouldn’t know what it’s really like to work with us. 

So what IS it like? Well, for starters… We’re a true team. Although we’re remote, we make jokes. We laugh. We have fun together. 

We’re also ambitious. We like to set high goals and achieve them as a team!

I – the CEO – am also a firm believer in personal growth. Regardless of your role, I want to make sure you grow and adapt new skills over time. Ask anyone who’s on the team – and they’ll all tell you they grew a lot, personally and professionally.

If you’re a fit… Meaning you’re fun, smart, and ambitious… I’d love to have you be part of the family.

Talk soon,

Wilco (CEO @ UpViral)

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