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Middle PHP Billing Software Engineer (Remote)

We’re seeking a “sane engineer” who will be primarily focusing on billing sub-system of our application. We use Stripe (via API) for billing, and the microservice which deals with Stripe is implemented in PHP.  At this position, you will be working with Stripe API a lot (we’re using recurring billing with some non-trivial mechanics) in order to bring our billing to the next level. Having experience working in e-commerce would be definitely useful for this role.

Here are the skills required for this position:

  • Decent experience with PHP7+ (at least 2+ year of experience)
  • Decent experience with raw SQL (writing queries with no ORM)
  • Experience writing auto tests (unit tests) in PHP
  • Experience implementing billing (preferably, recurring billing via Stripe)

Good things which are not a must-have:

Here are the things we’d definitely like you to know, but they are not a must-have, in the end.

  • Experience in designing a database (tables + indexes) would be a bonus. Like, have you ever used “explain analyze” to figure out why things are not as smooth as you wanted?
  • Experience working with Stripe API (have you ever worked on recurring billing with Stripe?)
  • Having production-grade experience with PayPal API via PHP
  • Experience working with WordPress (in particular, the development and implementation of Wordpress plugins)
  • Experience implementing UI in React (preferably, with MUI library)

Further growth

A natural expansion of your responsibility in terms of engineering would be refactoring/maintaining/building data models and business logic. Also, you might dive deep into working on client-side performance mattes, because our application has a lot of going on in UI (like real-time updates arriving multiple times a second e.t.c.)


In terms of subject domains, you will have a chance to dive into financial markers and trading (our biz team consists of traders, and some of the dev members do trade as well), if you want to. This is not obligate though.

About the company

TrendSpider builds the world’s most powerful trading software. As one of the only trading-tech companies founded and operated by traders, we have a unique insight into the desires of the trading community and a unique product roadmap and vision to meet the needs of the community. We have over 10,000 active users, and have grown very rapidly in just three years time. Our platform has won numerous awards, including the 2021 Benzinga Fintech Award for Best Trading Technology, among others. We operate as a global distributed team and are focused on hiring and retaining the best talent regardless of geographical location.

If you are interested in working with a world-class engineering team on bleeding edge technology that has immediate and meaningful impact on user’s lives, and you fit the below criteria, please apply.

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