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What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?

About DoinGud

DoinGud is the new NFT platform where every transaction does good.

DoinGud is a next-gen creator ecosystem exploring the future of digital media & collectibles. It strives to be community-owned and curated, empowering creators, curators, brands & organizations to engage directly with their audiences, tap into and create new and sustainable compensation streams, generate value for their audiences and create meaningful social impact.


About you and us

You may find us a bit…different from other start-ups. DoinGud is, at its core, community-owned, collaborative, positive, and full of real do-ers and hands-on builders. We are in execution mode and are excited and committed to provide the most compelling user experiences for each and all of our users, customer, clients and friends.

We want DoinGud to be a living, breathing model of how we want work, and the world, to be:

  • High on autonomy, low on authority
  • High on collaboration, low on hierarchy
  • High on mindset of abundance, low on mindset of winners & losers
  • Fun, kind, ambitious and appreciative
  • Learning all the time, striving for the best
  • Fast-paced, delivery-oriented and reliant on do-ocracy.

The NFT space is a wild and ready playground for technical wizards with creative flair. We need your diversity of thought, energy and style to create extraordinary opportunities and experiences. You will change the lives of artists and creators, collectors and curators, social impact organisations and therefore every person that they help.

If this sounds intriguing to you, and you have that builders mentality, that fits our current needs match your experience and interest, let’s talk.



1. Tracks deliveries

  • Being responsible of Tracks delivery, organizing the EPICs distribution to PM, facilitating the PM work by removing all blocking points or by synchronizing flows with other teams (engineering, UX/Design, QA, BI, Legal, Marketing…)
  • Advising on how to analyze and give structure to customer feedback in order to drive the smartest solutions
  • Leading through strong influence and collaboration across internal/external resources
  • Daily project coordination (standup, weekly etc), Tasks prioritization for the team, Resources planning, Overseeing all stages of product evolutions including design and development, Monitoring each stage progress and Tests of the product delivery
  • Help on the daily work if the Team is full and in a rush


2. Coordination & workflows performance

  • Working cross-functionally within the Organization and the Product Owners to define roadmaps and organizing the prioritization.
  • Ensuring that product management standard methodologies are being met
  • Advising on how to build or adapt our workflows, our tools and cross functional processes in a continuous improvement approach
  • Focusing on User Experience, the PM Coord is closely cross-working with project teams and nurture the organization with measured inputs.
  • Guidance on how to drive a cross-functional team to expertly ideate, plan, design, and develop new products and features, while taking into account the target market and the overall user experience.


3. Project promotion & communication

  • Communicating the key-achievements and milestone status to the Project team
  • Identify business opportunities that align with our business goals and mission
  • Constantly developing your passion for decentralized assets and usage by understanding the latest technologies, trends, and social impacts to better anticipate and give direction and sense to DoinGud.


Mindset, Skills & Attitude


Creativity, curiosity, tenacity, open mindedness, respect for people, diplomacy are skills required to achieve your PM Coord daily work.

A great fit for this role is the ability to build the big picture of a problematic but also the capability to deep dive into the details.



  • Planning, roadmap and budgets build and follow-up
  • Excellent coordination skills
  • Excellent communication skills to promote the project
  • Strong interests in Art, NFT, CryptoCurrencies, Blockchain, Decentralized Finance topics
  • Experience in decentralized or international project management
  • Ability to to work in a multicultural context
  • Autonomy, proactivity and rigour – ability to analyze needs, challenge them and translate that to the product team


  • You are a problem solver with hands-on mentality, we believe in do-ocracy and turning ideas into actions!
  • You want to learn and help in anyway possible.
  • You want to be part of something great that positively impacts society and genuinely do good.
  • You are proactive to collaborate remotely, we are all in different timezones




  • Be part of a movement. We strive for bold changes and envision to make a big impact. Bring your passion, energy and creativity to participate.
  • Learn and grow. You get to continuously learn and develop your skills.
  • Be free. You have the freedom to set the time you are gonna work.
  • Do good.

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place: Europe Only.

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