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Job Description

ShopStyle is in search of a Senior Project Manager to join our Business Operations department.  The Senior Project Manager position will play a key role in working with internal teams across ShopStyle on multiple projects to support the ShopStyle product catalog whose accuracy and quality are crucial to the integrity of the ShopStyle site and great user experience.

The role works cross-functionally with internal stakeholders across multiple levels in multiple departments and teams.  This position will work closely with Content Engineering, Technical Account Management, Business Development and Engineering across ShopStyle and ShopStyle Collective to support resolution of catalog content, affiliate tracking, and product categorization related issues in a timely manner.


  • Lead the project planning and management process.  Develop project plans and milestones for cross-functional projects across internal stakeholders in Content Engineering, Technical Account Management, Business Development (Sales), and Engineering
  • Manage timelines for cross-functional projects that maintain and improve the ShopStyle catalog and product data/ content, including but not limited to new retailer onboarding for ShopStyle/ ShopStyle Collective and retailer catalog maintenance projects. Track JIRA tickets to ensure project milestones are met and resourcing is appropriate.
  • Actively lead (not only facilitate) cross-functional communication between various functional teams and team members in cross-geographical locations to remove blockers and ensure project milestones are met, and delays are communicated
  • Manage and maintain the company wiki (ShopStyle Confluence).  Document information relevant to the Business Operations department.  Work with department leads to ensure accurate documentation for cross-functional processes are maintained.
  • Collaborate with Engineering and IT in managing assignment of permissions for software tools and licenses managed by ShopStyle.  Train new and existing employees to use Rakuten and ShopStyle company software and tools such as VPN, JIRA, Confluence, Outlook and Google suite
  • Manage the development and implementation of new operational processes across Content Engineering, Technical Account Management, Business Development (Sales), and Engineering
  • Additional projects and duties as needed to support the overall ShopStyle business

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)

  • Extensive experience using JIRA, Confluence, in addition to leading and managing JIRA projects and documentation of projects in Confluence
  • Extensive experience triaging issues and tickets in project management tools, identifying owners and assignees
  • Proven experience developing and implementing new operational processes around project management
  • Proven ability to manage projects and deliver them on time and according to requirements
  • Proficient with standard office productivity software (MS Office, Google Suite)
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Highly organized with excellent attention to detail
  • Strong time management, organization and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a team player


  • 6+ years prior work experience in technical project management or program management (and/or similar operations role in a technology-driven organization)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Experience leading cross-functional projects and teams that combine technical teams (software engineers, developers) and business teams (marketing, business development, sales, operations etc)
  • Experience in affiliate marketing or retail/e-commerce is a plus


ShopStyle is a style curation app that gathers fresh, just-for-you recommendations from over 20,000 brands across the shopping universe. Innovative search technology and a rich catalog are at our core, allowing us to curate trends and recommendations that enhance the shopping experience and showcase what is new and next. Shoppers find what they want––plus unique ways to purchase and save––all in one place at ShopStyle.


Our worldwide practices describe specific behaviors that make Rakuten unique and united across the world. We expect Rakuten employees to model these 5 Shugi Principles of Success.

  • Always improve, always advance. Only be satisfied with complete success – Kaizen.

  • Be passionately professional. Take an uncompromising approach to your work and be determined to be the best.

  • Hypothesize – Practice – Validate – Shikumika. Use the Rakuten Cycle to success in unknown territory.

  • Maximize Customer Satisfaction. The greatest satisfaction for workers in a service industry is to see their customers smile.

  • Speed!! Speed!! Speed!! Always be conscious of time. Take charge, set clear goals, and engage your team.

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Job Overview
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