Mapbox (501+ Employees, 28% 2 Yr Employee Growth Rate)

11% 1-Year Employee Growth Rate | 28% 2-Year Employee Growth Rate | LinkedIn | $334.2M Venture Funding

What Is Employee Growth Rate & Why Is It Important?

Mapbox is building a live location platform. Our maps represent the ever-evolving world, accessing, aggregating, and adapting anonymous data from millions of sensors and phones in real-time. Mapbox has the exciting opportunity to power devices and products across the next frontier in location-based data. Whether you’re watching the delivery of your grocery order on Instacart, tracking your personal best mile on Strava, sending snaps on Snapchat, monitoring your gas budget on Metromile, or checking today’s forecast on The Weather Channel, Mapbox is the location and maps within those apps. We’re changing how people move by live-mapping the world. 

We are builders. The Logistics team is a group of innovators creating solutions to challenges in the delivery space from resource planning to delivery execution and beyond–and we are growing. We solve complex geospatial data problems and leverage algorithms and statistical analysis for use cases ranging from turn-by-turn navigation to delivery route planning for fleets of thousands of trucks. Our services are at the heart of the operations of our customers’ businesses. We get people, products, and services from start to finish effectively and on time whether it’s delivering people or goods. Our customers are primarily developers, like us. We also sell to more business oriented users and know we have users with multiple needs; as such, we build and ship solutions from data to APIs to SDKs to applications.

What You'll Do

You will have the opportunity to redefine how the world approaches the logistics market. You are passionate about challenging the status quo, deeply curious about how the world works and thrive on making customers wildly successful in pursuit of outsized business growth. You have experience building complex software solutions in the logistics industry, specifically deliveries. When you hear the word “entrepreneurial” you raise your hand. You have experience stepping into a new role to leverage existing products as well as building new products as you learn your customers’ and the market demand. 

You will accelerate the build out and commercialization of a portfolio of three core logistics APIs that span multivariate route optimization, matrix resource matching and location based time-distance mapping that help customers with their logistics planning, resource allocation and strategic location-based decisioning. This portfolio is in the early stages of scaling with amazing logos adopting the solutions already. You will own the roadmap to evolve and expand the portfolio while partnering with a passionate group of engineers and engineering leaders to execute on your product vision. Working across internal and external stakeholders, you will shepherd your portfolio through commercialization and rapid scaled growth. All of this will be guided by your customers as customers represent our true north.

We're looking for creative thinkers who are fascinated by what our customers need and where they — and the team — are getting stuck. You like to experiment, but love finishing projects even more. You know how to communicate, collaborate, and think about software as a collective effort. You have an opinion, position and perspective on your customers’ needs and where the market is going. You keep an open mind and welcome debates that surface multiple perspectives. Once a decision is made, you put your personal preferences aside and commit and execute together. 

 In this role, you can expect to:

  • Define the near and long-term strategy for the team, and socialize it with stakeholders. But strategy is nothing without execution: translate strategy into a tactical execution plan that delivers business outcomes and customer success
  • Learn the ins and outs of the Isochrone, Matrix, and Optimization APIs that power our customers business critical daily operations. Work with sales and TAMs to enable complex customer use cases and discover new ones using these products and services.
  • Define the product roadmap informed by in-depth customer discovery, competitive insights, and a strong grasp of the technical requirements
  • Regularly engage our customers via video conversations, emails, and in person visits to understand their needs, as well as validate our proposed solutions.
  • Identify and scope out well-defined tasks for yourself and the team in pursuit of your strategy.
  • Set appropriate metrics for measuring the success of your products through the eyes of your customers in addition to KPIs for the financial success of your portfolio. Continuously evaluate these metrics, analyze results, and synthesize learnings to support continuous software and business improvement.
  • Regularly engage customers via video conversations, emails, and in person visits to understand their needs, as well as validate our proposed solutions.
  • Streamline stakeholder communications from start to end of a project. In addition to our customers, you can expect to work closely with Engineering Managers, Engineers, Executives, Support, Business Development and Sales
  • Research and curate a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape and of modern trends in product and design.
  • Build up and share product knowledge across teams, contributing to best practices that grow the entire product team within Mapbox.
  • Uphold a culture of collaboration, transparency, creativity, inclusion, and data-driven decisions.


What We Believe are Important Traits for This Role

  • 8+ years of proven product management experience and ability to design and develop sophisticated, innovative, efficient, and durable solutions to complex technical and business problems; SaaS, mobility/mapping/GIS, logistics, and/or enterprise experience strongly preferred. 
  • An analytical approach: you always use data to properly evaluate the success or failure of features, as well as guide your next steps.
  • Tolerance for ambiguity and intrinsic motivation: you gravitate towards chaos. You can weed out what’s important in highly ambiguous spaces, and juggle a variety of competing priorities. Even so, you are  proactive around driving solutions to completion.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills: you can talk and write about complex ideas concisely to a wide audience and walk through decisions with teammates and collaborators. We work backwards, which means that we start product development by writing an FAQ from the perspective of what matters to a customer. Writing documents early on clarifies how the world will see the product – not just how we think about it internally.
  • You have a desire to share your expertise through documentation, mentorship, and discussion.
  • Devotion to systematization, repeatability, efficiency, and measurement: processes, data, and nailing the details are key to how we work.
  • Empathy and collaboration: you communicate effectively with others and build trust quickly. You’re comfortable giving and receiving feedback in the open. You have a desire to work with individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.
  • Solid business/strategic intuition: you are able to identify the right business opportunities, make prioritization calls, and devise clear action plans.

By applying for this position, you acknowledge that you have received the Mapbox Non-US Privacy Notice for applicants, which is linked here.  Completing this application requires you to provide personal data, such as your name and contact information, which is mandatory for Mapbox to process your application.

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