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Are you a remote enthusiast? Are you looking for a company where you will create your future work and your daily life? Do you wonder how to change the way recruiters recruit and do you want to bring added value to candidates by accompanying them? You’re dreaming of a life where you could have an excellent work-life balance, but you don’t know where to start?

At Stakha, we believe that if the answer is yes to all of these questions, you need to think it’s possible and go for it.

So, if you want to, there’s only one thing to do: Get started. And we’ll be there to help you do it

But before we go any further…

… who are we?

We do our job with pride and believe that remote is the answer to our needs, especially since Covid, which means finding a good balance between our pro and personal life.

At Stakha, we want to spread this culture. Our goal? To revolutionize and democratize the remote in France and Europe to create more inclusive and diversified environments.

We offer the first platform to connect tech folks looking for remote positions in the EU to achieve this goal. And because we believe that our teams deserve the best, we offer :

  • A 100% remote working environment with a mixed and distributed team (in France currently and soon in Europe)
  • A place where your opinion and ideas are accepted and more than welcome. #BetterTogether
  • A strong company culture enriched by diverse personalities who share similar values

Our Values:

  • Boldness: We empower our employees to organize their ideas to give their best to our cause.
  • ⚖️ Fairness: Transparency is our duty
  • Inclusivity & Diversity: No matter where you come from, Stakha will always give you a chance to grow.
  •  Better Together: Alone, we go fast. Together, we go far.

So today, we’re offering you the chance to step up and succeed with the promise of getting as close as possible to that balance you’ve been searching for.

So let’s talk about the job

Stakha is hiring its future Talent Acquisition Manager on a permanent contract! Working directly with our Co-Founders, Arnaud and Amaury, your role will be to use your talent scouting skills to support our growth. The main challenges are sourcing, helping candidates, our clients, and optimizing our processes and employer brand.

You will often interact with our Lead Developer and Content Hacker!

The missions

1. Sourcing:

Today, our main acquisition channel is LinkedIn. However, there are other ways to find new nuggets.

Your role will therefore be to:

  • Source talents on different channels.
  • Be on the lookout for the different tools that could help us daily.
  • Work hand in hand with recruiters and marketing to get your best pen out and spread our culture in your approach messages or your ads

2. Support our candidates and clients

Our recruiters specialize in a particular stack to better understand the environment in which techs evolve. Our objectives? To best meet the needs of both our clients and our candidates as they begin the recruitment process.

You will be in charge of exploring and building this part in the following way:

  • Understand the client’s needs and know how to accompany them in their research, especially during the briefing process
  • Follow up on all applications and provide feedback on the candidates you received
  • Understand your candidate’s needs: what they are looking for in stack, domain, or remote policy.
  • Guide them and follow up during the recruitment process by sharing insights and tips.

3. Optimize our processes and employer brand:

Currently, Stakha is engaged in the best of the best processes and employer brand. Many things still need to be created, developed, and implemented as a young start-up.

We want to maintain and optimize this commitment while seeking to increase our visibility.

For this, you will have to :

  • Work on a personal or team project (per quarter) that will allow us to evolve Stakha processes. Example: work on the internal recruitment process or work on our job ads (by the way, if you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to share it with us, we’d love to hear it  *)*
  • Challenge the existing by being curious while following the best practices
  • Create engagement on LinkedIn (One post per week on LinkedIn, for example)
  • Build your talent pool with interesting candidates for our clients and keep in touch with them for future opportunities

Now let’s talk a little about you

For this position, we are looking for a person interested in a permanent contract in France and Europe (who will, of course, be happy to meet us during their onboarding and four times a year during our team building).

The ideal candidate to join our team…

  • Is already familiar with the start-up and/or tech environment
  • Knows how to impose rigor and organize their days
  • Has the ability to question the existing and to propose new things
  • Is a remote believer
  • Has the desire to participate in his daily life while participating in the future of Stakha
  • Wants to work in an international environment

We will be your ideal employer if you like…

  • Remote work
  • Evolving within a team with a strong culture
  • Autonomy and taking initiative
  • Diversity and inclusiveness

What we offer you

  • The possibility to be in full-remote #fullremotefriendly
  • 30-40k€ + uncapped bonus (7% of each recruitment)
  • Stock Options
  • Mutual insurance (Alan)
  • 4 team building per year to meet and share good moments (We have already done Toulouse, Bordeaux, and soon direction Palma de Majorca )
  • The opportunity to discover the largest Start-Up incubator in the world @Station F
  • The chance to have a direct impact on the lives of thousands of candidates in France, but also in Europe
  • To work alongside people who are as passionate as they are funny.

What will the recruitment process be like?

  • Discovery call: in the video with Arnaud or Amaury, our co-founders.
  • Recruiter Assessment: to be done at home + Debrief and roleplay with the co-founders
  • Cultural interview with our oldest recruiters (Anaïs, Tristan, Mathilde, Tanit) to help you better project yourself on the position
  • Final face-to-face interview (optional)

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