It’s no secret we’re not all as well versed as Shakespeare. And writing skills may not play a big role in your job. But the ability to communicate clearly through the written word becomes critical when you work remotely, whatever industry you’re in.

Remote teams use email, online chat and organisational apps almost exclusively for internal communications. When you work remotely, this virtual communication becomes your digital paper trail, and you, your employer, colleagues and clients will all rely on this information being legible and accurate.

We all have a simple spellcheck tool on our word processors and no doubt a dusty dictionary hidden somewhere on the bookshelf or a bottom drawer. But they don’t provide a very detailed or comprehensive approach to polishing your words.

Grammarly is one online resource automating the process of proofreading and editing to clean up your work. And it goes beyond correcting spelling mistakes.

The free Grammarly Editor provides an automatic in-text proofreader with 150 critical grammar and spelling checks. Grammarly Premium takes your wordsmithing to the next level with more than 250 advanced grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre specific writing style checks and a plagiarism detector that checks your work against more than 8-billion websites. What dictionary can do that?

Grammarly works like your own personal editor, picking up grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style issues, and making suggestions on how to correct them. Best of all, it works across a range of platforms to safeguard you from embarrassing mistakes and costly errors whether you’re typing up a report, writing a blog or sending an email.

The online program was launched as a bootstrap start-up in 2008 and now has millions of users across the world, as well as some glowing accolades to its name. And Grammarly products are now licensed by more than 600 leading corporations and universities worldwide.

In a recent survey of Grammarly users, 99% of student respondents said their writing grades had improved, while 76% of all users found writing more enjoyable and 85% said they were stronger writers thanks to Grammarly.

Find out more information about Grammarly, start your free trial, or sign up for Grammarly Premium from just US$11.66 a month.

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