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Gone are the days when you had to leave your job and put your career on hold to set off on an adventure of a lifetime around the world.

As more companies from around the world embrace the remote work movement, we’re starting to see some exciting remote work programs become available. These travel while working programs are the new form of backpacking; you join a group of like-minded people and visit some of the most interesting places in the world while working remotely for an employer or building your own digital business.

Culminating from the changing priorities of millenials, productivity moving to the cloud and the rise in the sharing economy, most remote programs are open to adventurous remote workers from around the world keen to pursue their love of travel without putting their careers on hold.

Programs generally include all travel and accommodation logistics, access to workspaces with good Internet, and an itinerary of activities and community events to enjoy outside of work hours. Some programs also offer professional development. In most cases roamers need to ensure they maintain their remote job (or digital business) for the entire duration of the trip.

We looked at some of the best remote work and travel programs currently available, so you can get on board if this is something that rocks your boat … or mobile desk!

Remote Year

Remote Year is the vision of Greg Caplan and Sam Pessin. Remote Year provides 75 lucky digital nomads representing over 30 different nationalities with the ability to globe-trot for one year and experience life in 12 different cities. Even if your current job is not a remote one, the company provides guidance and resources to help get your employer on board and transition you into a remote role. Remote Year programs launch frequently throughout the year and include destinations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. If your application to join is accepted, you’ll be matched with a program that works best for the time zone you need to work in.

We Roam

The program offered by We Roam focuses on giving professionals the opportunity to travel and work remotely while investing in personal development. As you travel with the group you will meet with local business leaders, attend speaking events, engage in workshops, all while co-working with other entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, and more. We Roam offer curated trips around the world for 6 months or 12 months at a time. Destinations can include cities in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Morocco, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Cartagena – Colombia

The Remote Experience

The Remote Experience goes by the motto “Work, Live, Play”. They make your remote work experience stress-free by assisting with all travel arrangements including booking your travel tickets. The program offers trips in 1 month intervals and they divide the tour into 3 different segments covering Europe, Asia and Latin America. The Remote Experience also offer special one month programs for corporate teams. Each program is designed to bring teams together so they become friends and travel mates who share a bond outside of the office. The objective is to create motivated, satisified and empowered teams that help businesses to thrive.

Venture With Impact

Founded by Ann Davis and Lauren Bernard, Venture With Impact is all about giving participants an opportunity to explore the world while working remotely and giving back to the local communities they visit. The company has partnered with several non-profit organisations to provide a program that is centered around volunteering. This allows participants to work and live in a location while playing an important role in helping a worthy cause to achieve their mission. Each trip is one month in duration and open to a diverse range of applicants in terms of age, profession, and nationality. Venture With Impact also accepts couples with children on the program, and currently trips are planned for Trujillo in Peru, and Medellin in Colombia.

No Desk Project

An exciting program launched in early 2017, No Desk Project is the brainchild of Veda Vajpeyi, a young entrepreneur and seasoned traveler. No Desk Project adopts a more holistic approach, taking participants on a 5 month long ‘mind-body-soul adventure’ while working remotely. This unique experience has you traveling with a team of specialists who each cover a different module for a month: nutrition, fitness, yoga & meditation, and volunteering. The final month culminates in a period of reflection and discovering your new self. Countries visited include Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Cambodia.

Old Goa – India

Terminal 3

The remote work travel program offered by Terminal 3 is for a maximum of 6 months and you can also join month by month. You stay in apartments only (no hotels), and the program includes workshops and talks for self-development, community impact days; so you’re giving back to the local communities you visit, language courses, and SIM cards.  The itinerary includes destinations in China, Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, Japan, Greece, Croatia, and Czech Republic.

Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise is a program geared towards developers and creatives working remotely or digital entrepreneurs focusing on personal projects. The minimum stay on a Hacker Paradise trip is 2 weeks, although priority is given to people who join for longer periods. The program allows time for side projects and encourages collaborating with other participants. During the trip people usually work hard through the week so the group can come together to relax or go on adventures over weekend. Like other programs, Hacker Paradise will arrange all the travel logistics, although there is a DIY option if you prefer. You need to arrange your own flights for this program. Countries visited include Indonesia, Thailand, Portugal, Japan, Spain, and Costa Rica.


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