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We meet a young entrepreneur and digital nomad who is passionate about growing his business without the restrictions of set hours and geographical locations – doing great work while travelling the world and experiencing new adventures.

In our latest interview for our Going Remote series we chat to Dan Salganik, co-founder of VisualFizz and VisualRevolt, and a true ambassador of the digital nomad lifestyle. He sums it up as follows: travel, work, build, eat, experience, connect, learn – and finding a way to do all those things simultaneously.

Having worked previously as a digital project manager, Dan questioned the need for spending forty hours a week sitting in an office when there is only thirty hours of work to do.  And after experiencing first-hand several things agencies were doing wrong he decided to branch out on his own, building a business for himself and his team members centered around lifestyle. A company that allows everyone to be who they are, do great work, and live adventure-filled lives; not restricting staff to one place and one set of experiences day in and day out.

Interview_ Dan Salganik on Going Remote with a Digital Marketing Agency

“Our team are scattered around the world, following our own paths, getting the maximum amount of life out of our allotted time on the planet – and yet we are totally driven and unified by our passion for doing great work for great clients in an ever-changing digital wonderland.” (VisualRevolt: Digital Nomads – The Future of Marketing & Branding)

Though the freelance team are located mostly in the USA, they are encouraged to travel the world. We caught up with Dan having just returned to Chicago after spending several months travelling and working remotely in South East Asia.

Watch the full interview with Dan below.

In the Going Remote series we interview successful remote workers and business owners across the globe. Our guests provide inspiration, tips and advice for anyone interested in working remotely and being location independent. If you’re a remote worker or remote business owner and would like to be featured in our series, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch.

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