By May 19, 2016 Career Advice

Have you ever read a job description and thought you were the perfect fit? You applied almost certain you’d get the job, but you never heard back?

Did you know that as many as 90% of employers are now using digital screening software, or ‘resume robots’ – what’s known as Applicant Tracking Systems.

There are hundreds of these programs available to help employers and recruiters compare keywords found in job descriptions to those in job applications. If the right words don’t show up, it’s likely your CV will never be seen by human eyes – regardless of how perfect you are.

Ensuring you address all of the job description keywords in both your cover letter and CV is crucial. And now there’s an app to help take the guesswork out of getting it right – and getting your CV noticed.

Jobscan helps you find exactly the right words to say, as well as filling in any blanks and accounting for gaps in your résumé.

Jobscan uses a similar algorithm to those used by Applicant Tracking Systems, so it has been designed to know exactly what they are looking for.

Jobscan compares keywords from job descriptions to those in your CV, highlighting areas for improvement.

This allows you to easily customise your application for every new job you apply for, greatly improving the chances of your resume making it through to the interview stage.

With your application safely out of the junk pile, you’re likely to see more offers from higher quality employers, putting you back in the driver’s seat of your career.

Having this level of control and choice is especially important for remote workers and those looking to enter the virtual workplace.

There are hundreds of new remote jobs being listed every week. And thousands of people applying for them.

Inevitably, some jobs will be better suited to your skill set and experience than others.  By using Jobscan, you’ll be more aware of how well matched you are to a particularly job, and it will make the process of tweaking your application that little bit easier. It will also put your application ahead of the majority of applicants who don’t follow all of the instructions or fail to meet all of the selection criteria.

Browse our database of screened and verified remote jobs, or register for access to full job descriptions, then take a free trial of Jobscan software.


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