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When you’ve finally found your dream remote job and you know you’re the perfect fit, you don’t want to blow your chances by hastily slapping together your resume and cover letter.

Your resume is the MOST important document in your job search toolkit. To get it right takes time, effort and customization for every job you apply for.

Typos and grammatical errors aren’t the only thing you should watch out for. Issues such as an outdated layout or mission statement, or perhaps some unexplained gaps in your employment can be present without you even knowing.

And is your resume ATS-friendly?

Even if your skills and experience are outstanding, an applicant tracking system will simply filter you out into the reject pile if it doesn’t pickup on the right keywords the hiring manager is looking for.

You’re up against a lot of competition in the job market – particularly when it comes to remote jobs. It really does take some skill to write a good resume.

Being ATS-friendly is one thing; if you’re lucky enough to be shortlisted and have your resume land on the hiring manager’s desk, it has to provide an accurate depiction of your career and why you’re the best fit for the role … and you have about 6 seconds to do that, or you’ve wasted your time.

Now that you know just how important your resume is, what can you do to maximize the potential of your next remote job application?

Simple. Invest in your career and engage the help of a professional resume writer.

And, we can help you do just that!

Remote Work Hub recently partnered with TopResume, a Talent Inc. company and the largest resume writing service in the world; writing and analyzing millions of resumes and LinkedIn profiles each year.

When you engage TopResume for their resume services, you work directly with professional writers and industry experts who know exactly what recruiters are looking for and how best to present your skills and experience on paper.

The process starts with a FREE Resume Review.  Their expert team will see how well your resume stacks up, assessing if it will pass the 6 second test and make it through the applicant tracking systems.

The review can be turned around in just 2 business days and includes:

  • A free, confidential, personalized evaluation from trusted experts
  • Objective feedback on formatting, layout, language and how well your resume communicates your skills and expertise
  • Personalized recommendations on how to make your resume stronger

And if your resume is already in good shape, great! They’ll be sure to let you know so you can send it off to an employer with confidence.

So why waste another remote job opportunity? Get started with a FREE Resume Review today!

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission if you make a purchase from our affiliate partner.

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