The success behind this 100% virtual company is the result of hard work and dedication from a talented remote team spread across the globe. They’ve already helped thousands of people launch successful businesses on Amazon and they’re just getting started.

Recent surveys suggest as much as 80 per cent of the developed world’s population shop online. Of those people, more than 300-million have shopped on international e-commerce site Amazon. For sellers in the online marketplace, this makes for a competitive industry, and it takes more than passion and instinct to get it right.

Jungle Scout takes the guesswork out of knowing what will sell, and what won’t, offering detailed insights into Amazon’s operating data, product research and buyer trends.

Meet the Remote Team Making Amazon Product Research Easy

Jungle Scout founder Greg Mercer developed the program as a Chrome extension; initially as a way to grow his own Amazon business and boost sales. Since launching the software publicly in 2014, Jungle Scout has helped more than 20,000 sellers find and launch profitable products and build successful businesses on Amazon. In addition to the Chrome extension, Jungle Scout is now available as a more comprehensive web app, with five different membership options to suit everyone from side hustle sellers to major exporters.

Practicing what they preach

To prove it works, the Jungle Scout team doesn’t hesitate to practice what they preach. They started a practical case study of how to launch a product in October 2015, using Jungle Scout software to find a profitable product. They chose bamboo marshmallow sticks, which they privately labelled as Jungle Stix.

Product sales are netting USD$15-$20k per month, and more than half of that money is donated to Doctors Without Borders. This success requires the hard work and dedication of a talented team, which has grown from Greg and Elizabeth Mercer to a distributed team of 17, and rising.

Jungle Scout is 100% virtual and engages developers, customer success staff, videographers, project managers and marketers, on both a full-time and contract basis.

Essential skills for remote team success

We recently spoke to Elizabeth Mercer to get some insights into how Jungle Scout makes remote work, work.

Being a completely remote company, Elizabeth says self-motivation is essential for all staff.

“You need to have a personal drive, be results oriented and focused and excited about what you do,” she says.

“On our team, you won’t be able to bump into someone in the hallway and ask a question. You need to want to do your best and be self-motivated; to ask questions and interact when you need help.  We think remote work helps harness our creativity and our most productive selves. It allows us to work wherever and whenever is the best. If you can use that flexibility, and combine it with self-motivation, you are the perfect fit for us.”

Communication & staying connected is key

Jungle Scout measures productivity with inside goals and metrics using multiple tools like Trello and Slack, which are also key to communication and nurturing company culture.

“On a daily basis, staying connected is key,” Elizabeth says. “We use Slack to keep everyone in tune with work tasks, but also have channels for random fun stuff as well. Everything from games, to funny videos, personal updates and challenges. We also do team retreats a few times a year to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Being remote is an incredible way to work but there is also something about putting your whole team in one room and getting to know each other.”

With staff located all over the world, contrasting time zones have presented some challenges. But detailed on-boarding has helped the team make the most of the virtual work environment, which Elizabeth says enables the company to hire the best of the best.

“You limit your pool when you are only able to look for talent in one city. When you open it up to the globe, you are amazed at how many incredible people are out there.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us Jungle Scout.

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