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Anyone who’s ever had a pet knows the look of excitement on their face when you get home from a long day at work.

Be it a dog or cat, they’ll often race to the door to show love and affection on the long-awaited return of their owner.

If you get home before the sun goes down, maybe you’ll take your dog for a walk or have time to play with your pet, whether it’s a kitten or a canary.

But a lot of people find themselves racing to the gym or their children’s after-school commitments, then home to cook meals, get children ready for bed, clean up, wash and iron clothes, and somewhere among all that, get some sleep.

Our beloved pets are often left home alone all day, and can be easily forgotten during the busy weeknight routines. Behavioural problems usually result from bored and lonely pets, and their health might suffer too.

Working from home in a remote job allows you to spend more time with your pet, which is a wonderful gift to have and just one of the many benefits of remote work. It’s especially helpful if your pet is ageing and you want to make the most of your time together, or if they’re young and still needing extra care and attention.  And if they’re in the prime of their life, then what better companion to have around while you work.

Most remote jobs give you flexibility to choose when and where you work, so you can easily break up your work day to include a run to the park with your dog at lunch time, or a cuddle session on the couch with a dear old cat in the afternoon.

Your flexibility can also benefit your friends or neighbours and their pets too. If you enjoy the company of animals, you might like to offer to ‘petsit’ them or take them for walks while your friends are at work. It gives you some companionship in an otherwise solitary workday, and your new four legged friend some much needed love and attention.

So if you’ve been thinking about working from home, or how to spend more time with you pet, maybe this is the answer you’ve been searching for.

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