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Proofed is not only a company with a 100% remote team, they also give proofreaders the skills they need to build a fulfilling remote career.

Founded in 2010, Proofed is primarily a proofreading and editing business. Starting as a single website with a handful of proofreaders, the goal was always to provide their clients with transparent pricing and a clear and fair turnaround time on projects.

The company now operates websites in three markets, a franchise in another, and has several partners reselling their core services. Partners can white-label the platform and take advantage of the built-in business tools that allow for an easy way to submit work and communicate with proofreaders 24/7.

Based in New York, Proofed has a team of several hundred freelance proofreaders scattered around the globe, which helps with their rapid turnaround times – they can proofread anything under 10,000 words in just 24 hours!

Being a fully remote team has not been without its difficulties though. Managing quick turnaround times with proofreaders, and their customers, all over the world was a challenge as the demand for their services grew.

But the team behind Proofed came up with a way to keep track of everyone’s deadlines in their actual timezones. They also attribute being transparent and having 1 to 1 feedback and communication with their team members as playing a big part in their success.

Creating Skilled Proofreaders Who Can Work From Anywhere

The Proofed team have adopted various online tools to run an efficient remote workplace. They currently use Slack for internal communication, Google Hangouts for freelancer chats, Trello for task management, Jira for their tech pipeline, and GetGuru to host their ever-growing knowledgebase.

In July 2017, Proofed launched their very own training platform – Proofreading Academy – to meet the growing demand for their proofreading services and maintain their impeccably high standards. The platform encapsulates all of their expertise in training great proofreaders and teaches the skills needed to confidently edit in a digital space. Graduates who obtain an 80% pass grade are welcome to work as a freelance proofreader at Proofed.

“We’ve had several recent grads who have made their money back on the course within a week, which I personally think showcases the value that the course can provide to an individual.” – Kiran Chauhan, Chief Operating Officer at Proofed.

However, Proofreading Academy is not only a course designed for proofreaders wanting to work for Proofed. It’s for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills – if you write, edit, and/or manage documents in your daily life, you can benefit greatly from the knowledge bestowed through Proofreading Academy, and perhaps even start your own freelance proofreading business.

“With practice and attention to detail, anyone can do it!” says Kiran.

Proofreading is a great option for those wanting the flexibility to work remotely, because it’s a career you can take with you anywhere! The Proofreading Academy course is written and updated by a team of professional proofreaders who know what works. They’ve pooled their expertise to share the methods they use every day to ensure flawless documents and guarantee happy clients.

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