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What you share on social media says a lot about you. Sometimes, it isn’t all good.

Whether you’re looking for remote work or a job in a traditional workplace, a few of the same ground rules always apply. And maintaining a professional online image and social media profile tops that list.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide potential employers with the most advanced, comprehensive and efficient background checks in workplace history. Recent surveys suggest up to 92% of recruiters now use social media to research candidates. Whether you agree with this approach or not, most employers do it. So, you need to be ready.

To help, we’ve put together a quick list of Do’s and Dont’s for keeping your social media presence strictly business.


  • Set personal social media accounts to ‘private’ and triple-check security settings.
  • Establish a professional social media profile promoting your work background, skills, qualifications and portfolio. If you already have one, make sure it’s up to date and displaying a recent, professional photo.
  • Check your profile images on all social media platforms and make sure they’re appropriate. If not – delete and replace with something that is.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, maybe now’s a good time?
  • Google your name and see what comes up. If there’s anything that’s not going to work in your favour, take steps to make it disappear.


  • Don’t add potential employers or colleagues to your personal accounts. You can request to connect on LinkedIn if you like, but leave personal socialising until you really get to know each other.
  • Don’t use social media to broadcast aspects of your personal life that you don’t want known in your work life. It’s called the world wide web for a reason.
  • Don’t cover up your personality. Yes, it’s important to keep things professional, but you can do that while also showcasing your creativity, skills and talents and everything else that makes you unique.
  • Don’t forget any of these steps, and your online profile will be ready for the critique of what might just be your next employer.

What social platforms do you use for your professional profile? Do you have any other top tips to add to this list? Let us know in the comments box below! 

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