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Recent studies in the UK have found stay-at-home fathers have doubled in the past 20 years, while the number of women at home has fallen.

In the UK alone, men now make up 60% of all flexible working freelancers. A growing number of men are choosing to work from home while stay-at-home mums are declining.

It’s the first time in history we’ve seen this shift in traditional gender roles, and it’s increasing the demand for remote career opportunities.

Job satisfaction and happiness play a huge role in health and wellness; topics in the spotlight for Australia’s Men’s Health Week, June 13-19, which this year focuses on ‘Health Elements: Living With Purpose, Building on Health‘.

Recent survey results from the Center for Work and Family show men still value being the household breadwinner, but 77% of those surveyed said they also wish they had more time to spend with their children.

A majority of men ranked ‘being physically and emotionally present for their children at the top of the list when asked what made them a good father, and 86% agreed being a good father was their top priority.

It stands to reason online keyword searches for flexible jobs have more than doubled in Australia in the past two years, and increased by more than 50% worldwide in that time.

Whether it’s to spend more time with family or just to enjoy greater flexibility, working from home can provide men with a more balanced lifestyle, meaning more time for exercise, eating right and looking after their physical health too.

According to Professor John Macdonald, Director of the Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre at Western Sydney University:

Offering supportive workplaces that value flexibility and diversity can deliver numerous benefits to both workplaces and families.

“Valuing flexibility and being truly supportive of men and women equally as they navigate through stages of life brings numerous benefits to society and to workplaces,” he said.

“There is ample evidence that these practices increase workplaces diversity, improve productivity and strengthen family relationships.

“The main factor is that employers must give flexibility a fair chance, and ensure that employees are not disadvantaged by taking up offers of flexible working arrangements.”

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