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A recent survey conducted by Robert Half, shows a disconnect between what employers offer in terms of benefits and incentives, and what employees actually want… and not surprising, remote work is a big one!

Robert Half, one of the largest global staffing firms in the world, surveyed 1500 employees and 600 HR managers in North America to find out which ‘company extras’ candidates seek, and which ones employers actually offer.

The results were interesting; revealing that remote work and flexibility are more important to employees than some of the more traditional benefits.

The survey ascertained the top 5 benefits currently being offered by employers are:

1. Healthcare
2. Paid leave
3. Retirement savings plans
4. Maternity/Parental leave
5. Professional development

And this is where the disconnect lies. Workers surveyed indicated they’re actually more interested in the following perks and benefits from employers:

1. Remote Work. At the top of the list! And not only giving people the flexibility to work from home, but being able to ‘work from anywhere’ is even better.

2. Wellness programs. A healthy person can be more creative and productive so things like paid gym memberships, on-site yoga classes, health screenings are attractive perks.

3. Free food.  Who doesn’t want to save money on their grocery bill each week? It’s also a big time-saver for employees as they don’t have to worry about planning weekly meals.

4. Concierge services. Let’s face it; everyone is super busy nowadays – it can be difficult to get chores and errands done when working full-time. A concierge service to assist with daily tasks like picking up dry cleaning, car servicing etc, is highly desirable, allowing workers to better utilize their free time doing the things they really enjoy.

5. Reimbursement of transportation costs. For those who have to commute, covering the cost of travel, road tolls and parking, can be a big plus.

As stated by Paul McDonald, Senior Executive Director at Robert Half:

“In today’s competitive hiring environment, job candidates are looking at more than just a salary and bonus — they seek the complete package and place added emphasis on quality of life. Companies that don’t offer in-demand, non-monetary perks in addition to a competitive salary and benefits are not likely to land or keep top performers.”

So if you’re an employer struggling to attract top talent, think about allowing staff to work remotely and offering some of the other perks mentioned above to help recruit and retain good people in your organization.

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