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“The biggest benefit of having remote workers is that we’re able to scale quickly in peak times and meet customer demand in real-time.”

In a nutshell, Taxfyle helps individuals and businesses connect with licensed tax professionals who will get their tax done for them.

But Taxfyle is more than just a referral service. After answering a few simple questions about your tax situation, Taxfyle provides an upfront quote and pairs you with one of over 900 US tax professionals who specializes in your tax situation.

They also provide a secure platform to chat and exchange documents with your tax specialist. Once your taxes are done, you can even use your phone to sign the documents with your fingertip and your returns will be e-filed by your assigned professional.

Taxfyle_ Growing Remotely & Changing the Way People Find a CPA

What’s even more impressive is that it usually only takes a few seconds from the time you submit your tax job through the platform to the time you start chatting with an assigned professional.

Taxfyle is a 100% virtual company with over 900 licensed professionals working remotely. The majority work within the US, however, they’re not constrained to work from any one location. In fact, one professional lives and works in Antigua for almost half of the year.

Since launching in 2015, Taxfyle has experienced significant growth in both their professional base and the types of tax returns they can help with, which has led to several technological advancements being made on the platform as well.

“One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is that since our inception none of our customers have been audited – knock on wood!” says Ralph Carnicer, CPA, CFE, Director – Taxfyle.

We caught up with Ralph to find out more about Taxfyle’s distributed remote team – here’s what he had to say:

What traits do you look for in your remote tax specialists?

They must be licensed tax professionals who demonstrate strong attention to detail and care fiercely about their customer’s experiences with them individually, and with the Taxfyle platform.

How do you measure the productivity of your remote team?

Customers are able to rate their assigned professionals at the end of each engagement and we’re able to aggregate that data as well as other meta-data collected by the platform, such as sentiment analysis of conversations and time to completion.

What is the biggest benefit of having remote workers?

By far, the biggest benefit of having remote workers is that we’re able to scale quickly in peak times – when there are tax deadlines – and meet customer demand in real-time.

Having a remote team has been a win-win for Taxfyle as a company and our team members.

“Our remote network has repeatedly told us how much they love to work with clients remotely from the comfort of their own home without having to incur the usual overhead that comes with establishing an office and having to market their services in an already crowded space.”

And our team also love the fact they can use their hard-earned skills and years of experience to help clients directly, instead of having to deal with the bureaucracy that is common among traditional accounting firms.

How do you nurture your company’s culture in a remote working environment?

We provide support to all of our professionals via chat to help them with any questions that they might have and assist them with any difficult situations that might arise.

What have you found to be the most effective tool for communicating with your team?

We rely on Intercom very heavily when communicating with all of our professionals. It allows us to have instant chat for one-off situations or broadcast announcements to our network at-large.

What are the greatest achievements of your remote team to date?

Obtaining and maintaining a high NPS score (65) across thousands of returns has probably been one of the achievements that we’re most proud of and we realize that we couldn’t have done that without having some of the best professionals out there in our network. They truly are the face of the company as they are responsible for 99% of customer interactions.

What challenges have you encountered scaling your business?

Initially, spreading the word about our platform was a challenge, but as some of our professionals used the platform and grew familiar with it, they did an incredible job of spreading the word to their colleagues in the profession. Equally challenging has been verifying all of our professionals’ credentials year after year, but we’ve been lucky to have resources such as and the IRS that allow us to search for professionals and verify that they indeed do possess their credentials.

Remote Work Hub is a Taxfyle client having used their services to file our own company taxes. We were so impressed with their professional service and quick turnaround, we decided to become a partner! Whether you’re an individual, independent contractor or small business in the US, using Taxfyle means you can spend less time worrying about taxes and more time going about your life.

Our partnership with Taxfyle gives our Standard members $20 OFF their first tax preparation.

For more information and to claim the discount, visit Taxfyle on Hub Connect.

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