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Something we are always so grateful for is the opportunity to connect with forward-thinking and extremely talented entrepreneurs from around the world who are doing great things in the remote work space.

This week we had the absolute pleasure of meeting the Founder, Lilia Stoyanov, and Digital Marketing Executive, Lesya Kokhanovska, of Transformify.

Transformify is a global corporate social responsibility marketplace who partners with socially responsible businesses and non-profit organisations from around the world to provide virtual projects and contract jobs to disadvantaged people willing to work remotely.

Lilia was propelled to start Transformify after having seen the knock-on effect of the 2008 global financial crisis with lots of highly qualified employees laid off. With few local jobs available, many were faced with no other choice but to relocate or emigrate.

Transformify_ Building a Socially Responsible Business Around Remote Work

Spread across 3 continents, Lilia and the Transformify team are strong believers in the adoption of virtual offices and remote work as a way to tackle some of the major problems our world faces. Issues such as the refugee crisis; with unemployment being one of the main drivers, as well as rising CO2 emissions, overcrowded cities, and skilled workforce shortages.

As Lilia explained in our recent chat, many people are still forced to flee their home countries in search of a better life abroad, leaving behind their relatives and friends as they are no longer able to support their families. People migrating to already over-populated areas puts a huge strain on local economies, while rural areas remain abandoned due to a lack of job opportunities.

Companies can help to address these global issues by being socially responsible and hiring people to work remotely regardless of their geographical location.

Here at Remote Work Hub, we are right behind Transformify’s mission and push for change. Providing remote job opportunities to those who need them most is something we are equally passionate about.

Remote work can provide a solution, allowing people to remain living and working in areas and countries where they are happiest. And we all know that happy people make for better and more productive workers.

There is synergy between Transformify and Remote Work Hub and we are excited to align forces to really make a difference to people’s lives. Be sure to check out the Transformify website to find out more about the great things they are doing to promote remote work across the globe.

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