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Remote work has evolved from the traditional work-from-home job of a few decades ago. Remote work is the Future of Work and it’s here now.

The new age of remote working paints a very different picture. More people than ever before are now taking their careers online. There are those running their own businesses or freelancing, and those working for employers in genuine, paid jobs.

And it’s not just telemarketing and sales. Remote jobs range from entry-level roles to highly skilled professional careers including lawyers, accountants, writers, designers, developers…. virtually anything.

These roles are just as challenging and just as important as those in the traditional workplace. The only difference is, remote workers work from home – or virtually anywhere they choose provided they have a good Internet connection.

You can immediately realise some of the benefits of being a remote worker. Greater freedom and flexibility, a healthier work-life balance, no daily commute, and the ability to juggle family commitments with work.

But remote work isn’t just for mums and dads. It’s also opening pathways for students who want to study while earning an income, and people who want to work while travelling, but can’t due to Visa and migration restrictions.

There’s  the trailing spouses, who regularly move around as their partners relocate for work, and military spouses, who live in uncertainty of the next military posting or deployment. The senior generation can embrace the digital age too, taking on remote jobs in the field of their profession from the comfort of their own home – or motorhome with WiFi. And it provides a flexible option for people with health issues, who want to continue their careers and generate an income but need the flexibility that most traditional workplaces don’t offer.

The advantages of remote work don’t stop there. Businesses can also benefit by embracing a remote team. No longer are employers restricted to the talent pool in their own postcode – suddenly they can draw from the best applicants all over the globe. Hiring a remote team can provide significant cost savings too, with no need for rent, equipment and utilities, and hiring remote freelancers in particular means no holiday pay and sick leave entitlements or complex tax implications to worry about.

Remote work is not only the way of the future, but the present, and here at Remote Work Hub we are excited to be leading the way in connecting people to real remote roles with employers across the globe. Search our database for the latest remote jobs, all screened, verified and updated daily and register to apply for jobs that interest you.

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