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Have you been applying for tons of jobs, only to find the person on the other end seems to be ghosting you? You’re not alone!

Don’t take it too personally! Here’s a few reasons why you may not be hearing back from HR.

Your Resume is not ATS “Optimized”

If you’re searching the web for the best free resume templates, just stop. Many are outdated and lack the ability to pass through a modern Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that many HR teams use to narrow down large applicant pools. These are typically keyword-driven searches that extract batches of resumes most closely matching their job openings. ATS search are by no means fail-proof, and have plenty of flaws, but there are specific ways to optimize your chances of getting your resume past an ATS and being seen by human eyes.

Internal Hires

Many companies have to post certain openings to the public, despite the very real possibility that the internal competition to fill the vacancy could already be taking precedence. Make sure you’re mentally aware that with every single job opening out there you could face this uphill challenge. After all, can you blame a company for wanting to test the waters with external applicants in case there is lower interest internally?  They could be simply covering their bases to gain the most favorable applicant pool.

Why You Won’t Always Hear Back From a Hiring Manager

Office Politics

Unfortunately, office politics can still place external candidates at a huge disadvantage to fill vacancies. This is out of your control, so don’t beat yourself up over the pettiness of adults arguing over their best choice to hire. In addition, an executive could place priority on hiring a family friend, or referral — networking is still the number one way people get placed into new jobs! “It’s who you know.” Learn more about networking your way into a remote job.

They’re Struggling to Make a Decision

Sometimes, companies really weigh on whether or not to hire a candidate. They get last minute jitters, because this could be a huge decision that they’d like to avoid regretting. It’s common for certain hiring managers to support one candidate, while others involved in the decision are keen on another. They may ask for more time, or open up the search to find even more qualified applicants! I know, it’s annoying, but it’s reality and you should be prepared for it. Pro Tip – continue job searching even if you’re a finalist!

Budgets Have Changed

Global organizations are really beginning to feel the pressure of increased automation and customer retention in uber-competitive marketplaces. It’s a real possibility that a hiring manager could have received initial budget approvals to fill a vacancy, but after losing a key customer or missing sales targets, they are suddenly unable to continue with the search because another department needs critical funds.

At the end of the day, you need to continue believing in your talents, skills, and accomplishments to push you forward in the job search. Don’t let a stalled job search affect your confidence. To be completely honest, companies giving candidates the silent treatment are probably not worth your time anyways, and this may give you a clear glimpse of what their culture and decision-making process is like! If they are avoiding communications with a prospective hire, imagine what you could be up against if you’re part of the team! Could be an uphill battle you don’t want any part of.

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Adam Marinelli is passionate about the future of work and empowering individuals to take control of their own careers, Adam is an American entrepreneur with over 12 years of career advising, training and client management experience in various capacities. As the lead Career Advisor at Remote Work Hub, Adam works closely with clients using an empathetic, empowering approach to help them uncover their challenges, and unlock the career confidence needed to transition and excel in remote jobs.

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