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We all know that getting a job isn’t just about writing a great cover letter and resume.

To succeed in today’s extremely competitive job market and stand out from the crowd you have to be your biggest champion. You need to be strategic and proactive otherwise your unique characteristics and skills will simply go unnoticed. It’s all about knowing how to brand and market yourself effectively.

Here are 5 ways to help you reach success through self-promotion online.

Get a Domain and Create Your Own Personal Website

Nowadays you don’t need to know how to code in order to create your own personal website. With so many website builders available online, it’s possible to have a professional looking website in a matter of hours. A personal website is a great way to showcase your portfolio of work, experience, skills and interests. Just be sure to keep it up to date.

Checkout Wix, Strikingly and Squarespace; three of the most popular low-cost website builders. (We cover these and other tools on our previous blog post: Master Your Personal Brand Online)

You should also register your own name as a domain. In addition to pointing the domain to your website or blog, include the URL in your email signature block and any other online marketing activities you engage in.

Start Blogging

A blog is a great way to showcase your talents and interests, and let potential employers or contacts see what you know and what you’re passionate about. Each time you post a blog article be sure to broadcast it – share the post on your social media channels so you build up some followers you might not have reached otherwise.

Depending on the subject matter you write about, you may decide to host your blog with your personal website, or host it separately under its own domain. Some of the low-cost website builders mentioned above include a blog platform, otherwise WordPress is another great option.

Create Videos

It’s very easy to create and upload your own videos nowadays – you don’t need to spend a lot of money on equipment either. Video allows people to relate to you better because they get to see and hear you, and statistics show that watching a video is far more engaging than reading an article. Post your videos on Youtube as well as your own blog or personal website to attract more visitors.

Be active on social media channels

As a job seeker, the big three are probably the most important channels to focus on: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, Instagram is a great platform for creatives to showcase their talents and flaunt their personality. Posting to social media channels shows employers that you’re comfortable embracing these technologies. It also helps to expand your professional network making you open to potential career opportunities.  It’s best to keep any personal content private and make your employment information and professional skills/interests public so hiring managers can find you. Consider setting up separate accounts if need be.

As a final piece of advice, when engaging in any of the strategies mentioned here to promote yourself online, be sure to keep it professional, keep it clean and exude a positive, friendly personality that employers will value.

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