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Working from home isn’t just a pathway to late nights, sleep-ins and pants-off Fridays. The increased flexibility of working from home, especially in remote jobs, can provide significant health benefits too.

Here are just some of the key benefits of going remote.

1. More Time to Move

Without the daily commute to and from the office, remote workers can find themselves with an extra hour or two every day. Put your new-found free time to use with exercise and physical activity. You can hit the gym, pound the pavement or try working out at home.

2. Better Sleep

Adequate rest is crucial to good health, but many of us struggle to get enough sleep. Working from home means working to a schedule that suits you, so you can prioritise sleep and wake up feeling fresher than ever.

3. Less Stress

Stress is reported to be one of the major contributors to sick leave in traditional workplaces.  When you work remotely from home, you’re more likely to feel greater control over your career and work schedule, while also having more time and flexibility for family, hobbies and other interests outside of work. And that means less stress!

4. Healthier Diet

Anyone who has worked in a busy office or other traditional work setting knows lunch usually takes a backseat to deadlines, meetings, phone calls and that endless stream of emails. Lunching at desks is a common site, as are poor food choices and unhealthy snacks. Working from home means you probably have access to fresh ingredients, plenty of drinking water and a full kitchen. Use it!

5. A Happier You

When you’re exercising, getting plenty of sleep, eating well and feeling in control of your work and personal life, chances are you are going to feel pretty happy too. Working remotely gives you the work-life balance you always wanted. What’s not to smile about!


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