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You’ve just found your dream job and you know your skills and experience make you the best fit. But if your CV doesn’t reflect you as the perfect match, you’ll never make it to the interview stage to prove you’ve got the goods.

Catriona Herron Watt learnt that the hard way. Leaving behind her career in Australia 18 years ago, she made her way to London for the dream of a well-paying job with a high profile company and weekend European adventures.

That didn’t quite work out.

Despite having two qualifications and previous experience, Catriona submitted over 120 job applications and met with 50 recruiters in the first six months – to no avail.

She describes the experience as soul destroying.

I was pretty much close to broke, and emotionally I was in pieces. If I’d had a return plane ticket, I would have
been on that flight back without a second thought, knocking on the door of my previous employer asking for my
old job back.”

Catriona used that time to read every book she found about job hunting, resume writing and careers. And in the seventh month, it finally paid off.

Another marketing qualification, and some four years later, Catriona again found herself in the job market, this time taking a temporary contract role with a large marketing department of an international recruitment firm.

“I set about learning as much as I could about what they did, how they did it, and why, and about recruitment
from the recruiter’s as well as the employer’s perspective.”

At the end of her contract, Catriona wrote a list of target employers and researched each of them. Targeting just those employers, she sent only three applications before landing a role, which involved helping unemployed people find work. It was then she began writing resumes as a side project.

“A lot of people were simply unable to find the words to explain how good they were at their jobs and therefore
possibly missing out on tens of thousands in their pay packets.”

When she returned to Australia six years ago, Catriona was surprised to find herself in that all too familiar predicament. Fighting to be noticed in a now foreign job market with few contacts and limited job options. It was during this time that someone she had helped into a life-changing career move suggested she turn her hobby into a business.

“It was my big ‘aha’ moment! CV Saviour became my full-time job.”

Since then Catriona and the team at CV Saviour have helped hundreds of people into their next job with winning resumes, killer LinkedIn profiles and catchy cover letters, as well as ongoing support that guarantees results for her clients.

“Having walked in the shoes of many of my clients, I know exactly what it means to get a lucky break. I get how
so much of ‘us’ is linked to what we ‘do’ and I know how soul-destroying it is saying ‘unemployed’ when someone
asks you what you ‘do’.”

Catriona says well-written, professionally presented CVs and cover letters can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars in a pay packet, and transform people’s self esteem when they see who they are on paper as viewed through someone else’s eyes.

“Knowing we can treble someone’s chances of getting to interview and halve the length of their job search
keeps the spring in my step.”

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