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Life as a military spouse is a uniquely challenging situation. Your significant other can be regularly posted to new locations, and you may be left at home alone, or trailing along with every move.

Either scenario is particularly difficult when you have children to care for, and combined, it can be near impossible to have a career of your own.

Remote Work Hub founder Debbie-Jo Dutton is a military spouse and mother of two. She and her family have moved regularly due to her husband’s postings to new cities and countries, and it’s the challenges she has faced along the way that inspired the very foundations of Remote Work Hub.  Debbie says remote work is now offering military spouses all over the world life-changing opportunities including:

Increased Confidence and Independence

Many military spouses feel a sense of reliance on their partner to provide for them financially, particularly when they are living in a foreign country or caring for children at home and can’t go to work. This can be really demoralising and negatively impact their identity and sense of self, especially for those who had their own careers before becoming a ‘trailing spouse’. Being able to work remotely from home restores that financial independence and boosts self-esteem.

Career Progression

Finding work as a military spouse can be difficult. Many traditional employers won’t invest time and money into a staff member they know won’t be permanent, and some posting locations have limited work opportunities. But a growing number of high profile employers are recruiting remote staff, offering high-paying roles and highly qualified careers that can be fulfilled from home. This allows military spouses to not just fill in time in a temporary job, but actually progress their careers in dynamic, challenging and vitally important roles, that can be continued wherever they are.

Professional Networking Opportunities

The global expansion of remote teams allows remote workers to network with colleagues and stakeholders all over the world. This can prove extremely beneficial to career progression both in the short-term and in the future.

Socialising and Friendships

Remote working can be lonely, but only if you want it to be. Some people prefer the autonomy and peace and quiet of working on their own. But the remote workplace is limitless and there are thousands of other remote workers out there who love to connect socially so you’ll never be alone. The flexibility of remote jobs also gives you more time for catching up with existing friends and family if you’re lucky enough to have them nearby.

Supporting a Family

Caring for children, running a household, holding down a job and being a supportive partner are challenges not unique to the military spouse.  But the absence of a partner or looming potential for unexpected deployment certainly adds to the stress.

It’s still tough. But by working from home, military spouses report being able to more easily care for their children and maintain the day-to-day needs of their household while their work allows them to generate an income and keep them feeling positive and focused.


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